National Identity Card (NID)

National Identity Card (NID) is considered a mandatory identity card for every Bangladeshi citizen. Collection of NID cards becomes mandatory after one completes 18 years of age. Bangladeshi children are given a birth registration card after birth which is used as a citizenship certificate until they turn 18. After crossing the age of 17 every citizen will get a NID card at the age of 18, otherwise, he will be barred from general government public services.

What is National Identity Card (NID) of Bangladesh?

National Identity Card or NID Card is a citizen’s identity card as a Bangladeshi. Initially, paper-printed plastic-wrapped NID cards were issued in 2006. As Bangladesh entered the digital age, the importance of NID for accessing government services increased, and plastic-wrapped NID cards were replaced by biometric and microchip-embedded smart NID cards for all adult citizens of Bangladesh in 2016. This Citizen Identity Card is mandatory but is issued to every citizen at the age of 18 years. NID is a Bangladeshi Photo ID, which is considered a biometric, microchip embedded, smart identity card. A Bangladeshi citizen requires NID for several essential public services, such as utility connections, as well as personal services such as opening bank accounts and buying and selling property. The cards were digitized as well as smartened to ensure security.

What are the benefits of Bangladeshi smart NID card holders?

Smart NID cardholders get the following benefits and services offered to citizens of Bangladesh:

  • National identity
  • Passport & E-passports
  • Driving license
  • Citizens’ rights and benefit
  • E-governance services
  • Land property buying and selling
  • Open Bangladeshi bank accounts
  • Marriage registration
  • Bank loan support
  • Government pensions
  • Government financial aid or support
  • BIN facility
  • Share-BO account maintainers
  • Business trade license
  • Vehicle registration
  • Insurance schemes
  • Gas and electricity connections
  • Mobile connects
  • Health cards
  • E-cash
  • Bank transactions
  • Students’ admission facilities

What documents are required to get a smart NID card?

Updating the list of eligible voters in Bangladesh is an ongoing process under the Election Commission. Bangladeshi citizens who have reached the age of 18 years or above but are not yet registered as voters under the Election Commission, can do this registration. At the time of enrolment, they will need the following supporting documents along with the application form:

  • Birth certificate
  • SSC or equivalent certificate
  • Citizenship Certificate (if applicable)
  • Passport, Driving License, or TIN Certificate (if any)
  • Copy of utility bill, house rent receipt, or holding tax receipt (for proof of address)
  • Attested photocopy of NID of father, mother, husband, or wife
  • The EC shall be physically present at the premises for the collection of photographs and biometric data.

FAQs: National Identity Card (NID) Registration

Q1: Who is eligible for a new national identity card?
A: Citizens of Bangladesh aged 10 years or older who are not yet registered can apply for a new national identity card. If you wish to be registered as a voter, fill out the online form and contact the concerned Upazila/police station election office as per the schedule, providing biometrics along with certain attached documents.

Q2: What documents are required for NID registration?
A: When providing biometrics for NID registration, you will need the following documents:

  • Print copy of the online filled form
  • SSC Certificate (Age Proof Certificate)
  • Birth Registration (Age Proof Certificate)
  • Passport/Driving License/TIN (Age Proof Certificate)
  • Copy of Utility Bill/House Rent Receipt/Holding Tax Receipt (Proof of habitual residence)
  • Citizenship Certificate (if applicable)
  • Copy of NID Card of Father, Mother, Spouse (if applicable)

Q3: When am I eligible for the National Identity Card of Bangladesh?
A: If you are 18 years of age on or before January 1 of the current year, you are eligible for the National Identity Card of Bangladesh.

Q4: What is the procedure for obtaining a duplicate NID?
A: If a National Identity Card holder loses or damages their card, they can apply to the NID Wing for a duplicate card. The NID Wing will issue a new National Identity Card to the citizen within a specific period upon application.

Q5: How can I correct information on my NID?
A: If any information correction is required, the applicant must apply with supporting documents. The SSC certificate will be preferred if available. Correct information on other documents like birth registration certificate, passport, driving license, marriage/divorce certificate, etc., can also be applied as evidence.

Q6: Where can I contact for National Identity Card queries?
A: You can contact the National Identity Registration Wing at the Bangladesh Election Commission Office.

  • Helpline phone: 105 or +88 0170 8501261
  • Email:

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