What is Card Management Department?

What is Card Management Department

What is Card Management Department? JANATA BANK PLC Card Activation: If your Card/PIN is currently inactive, please contact: First Time PIN (Personal Identification Number) Change Procedure (Using Q-cash Member ATM): Cash Withdrawal Procedure from ATM: Cash Deposit, Withdrawal & Transaction: Read: Janata Bank PLC Services and Products Procedure: Charge/Fees including VAT NPSB Member Bank Qcash … Read more

Janata Bank PLC


Janata Bank PLC Janata Bank PLC traces its origins back to the aftermath of Bangladesh’s hard-won independence in 1971. Following a nine-month war against the West Pakistani occupation army, Bangladesh emerged as an independent and sovereign state, albeit with a devastated economy. The reconstruction of the nation’s financial infrastructure became an urgent imperative amid the … Read more

Agrani Bank Quarterly Income Scheme

Quarterly Income Scheme

Agrani Bank Quarterly Income Scheme The Agrani Bank Quarterly Income Scheme offers an opportunity for individuals to invest their funds for a fixed period of three years with the convenience of quarterly interest payments. Below are the key details and requirements: Duration: 3 years Initial Deposit: Minimum deposit of BDT 1,00,000.00 (One Lac) or its … Read more

JBL Visa Debit Card


JBL Visa Debit Card JBL Visa Debit Card Features & Benefits: The JBL Visa Debit Card from Jamuna Bank is a cutting-edge financial tool designed to enhance your banking experience with convenience and security. Here’s what you can expect: How to Apply: If you hold a savings, current, or SND account with Jamuna Bank, you … Read more

Community Bank Savings Account

Community Bank Savings Account

Community Bank Savings Account Community Bank offers a diverse range of Savings Account options tailored to meet the unique needs of various segments within our community. Here’s an overview of our offerings: Features of a Generic Savings Account: FAQs on Savings Account at Community Bank Q: What are the eligibility criteria for opening a Savings … Read more