LankaBangla Astha Secured CMSME Loan


LankaBangla Astha Secured CMSME Loan Astha is a fully secured CMSME product tailored for businesses in the trading, manufacturing, and service sectors that maintain a steady cash flow in their operations. This product allows you to leverage assets such as land, flats, or buildings as collateral to access financing. CMSME Loan Product Features: Eligibilities: Required … Read more

SMBL Projukti Rhin

SMBL Projukti Rhin Education plays the most crucial role in shaping one’s career. Understanding this need, Shimanto Bank Limited (SMBL) is fully committed to supporting educational endeavors. Introducing “Projukti Rhin,” an exclusive loan designed to facilitate online-based education by providing essential gadgets. Purpose of the Loan: The loan is intended for the purchase of laptops, … Read more

SMBL Nari Shakti Loan

SMBL Nari Shakti Loan Shimanto Bank introduces SMBL Nari Shakti loan, a special loan scheme tailored for women entrepreneurs in rural areas. This initiative aims to empower rural women engaged in various small-scale businesses such as poultry farming, hatchery, fisheries, cattle farming, crop cultivation, vegetable farming, handicrafts, boutiques, garment shops, tailoring, beauty parlors, and other … Read more

MTB Women Entrepreneurs

MTB Women Entrepreneurs MTB, as a leading private commercial bank, is dedicated to supporting and empowering women entrepreneurs through its specialized financial products and services. Recognizing the immense potential of women in business, MTB has implemented comprehensive plans to increase credit lines with a special focus on nurturing women entrepreneurship. In 2014, MTB was honored … Read more


MBPLC SANCHALAK: SME Financing SANCHALAK is a unique credit facility designed to foster sustainable growth for businesses by prioritizing performance-based borrower evaluation. Our goal is to provide value-added credit services that meet the dynamic needs of businesses while promoting their long-term success. MBPLC SANCHALAK Features: Facility Mix: Loan Limit: Tk 50.00 lakh to Tk 500.00 … Read more