Daridro Bimochon Karmasuchi (DABIK)

Daridro Bimochon Karmasuchi

Daridro Bimochon Karmasuchi (DABIK) Target Audience: Primarily for economically disadvantaged individuals Eligibility Criteria: Objectives: Loan Features: FAQs on Daridro Bimochon Karmasuchi Q: Who is eligible to avail the DABIK loan?A: Individuals who own up to 0.50 acres of land, including homestead, are eligible to avail the DABIK loan. Q: What are the main objectives of … Read more


UDBHABON STARTUP LOAN Udbhavon Startup Loan is a financing solution offered by IDLC Finance designed specifically to support startups in their initial stages of establishment and growth. This loan aims to provide financial assistance to budding entrepreneurs, enabling them to turn their innovative ideas into successful businesses. With competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms, … Read more

IDLC Purnota: Women Entrepreneur Loan

IDLC Purnota: Women Entrepreneur Loan To all the women with passion, we recognize that your journey isn’t easy. Achieving success requires more than just financial assistance. IDLC Purnota: Women Entrepreneur Loan provides comprehensive solutions tailored to women-owned businesses, empowering them to accelerate and expand their ventures.” IDLC Purnota Loan Features: Additional Benefits: Required Documents: Contact … Read more

DBH Balance Transfer Loan


DBH Balance Transfer Loan Have you already taken a home loan from another bank or financial institution? Do you wish to top-up your current loan or extend its term to enjoy lower monthly installments at attractive interest rates? DBH offers an easy balance transfer process for your existing home loans, along with enticing benefits: Balance … Read more

LankaBangla Working Capital Solutions


LankaBangla Working Capital Solutions Product Summary Product Features Eligibility Criteria Required Documents Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Q1: What is the purpose of LankaBangla’s Short Term Loan?A1: The Short Term Loan is designed to address sudden business needs such as procuring raw materials, machinery spare parts, wage payments, and supplier payments. Q2: Who is eligible to … Read more