Dutch Bangla Bank PLC Internet Banking

Dutch Bangla Bank PLC Internet Banking

Dutch Bangla Bank PLC offers seamless internet banking services, enabling customers to conveniently review their accounts, access statements, pay bills, and conduct various transactions. However, due to local banking regulations, certain transaction types may not be available, despite the bank’s full capability.

Internet Banking Features

  • Account Summary: View Current, Saving, Term Deposit, and Loan accounts with current balances.
  • Account Details: Access specific account details including unclear funds, limits, and accrued interest.
  • Account Activity: View or print transaction activity within a specified account for a chosen period.
  • Transfer Funds: Transfer funds between own accounts within the bank.
  • Third Party Transfer (Not allowed by Bangladesh Bank regulations): Transfer funds from own accounts to another customer’s account within the bank.
  • Pay Bills: Pay utility bills such as Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd Credit Card Bills, Alico, Mobile, Tuition Fees, etc.
  • Standing Instructions: Set up, modify, or delete standing instructions for fund transfers between own accounts or to third parties.
  • Open/Modify Term Deposit: Open or modify term deposits, redeem or part-redeem them using funds from current or savings accounts.
  • Loan Repayments: Make loan installment payments from CASA account.
  • Statement Request: Request account statements for specified periods (manually serviced by the bank).
  • Cheque Book Request: Request a new cheque book.
  • Cheque Status Inquiry: Check the status of a specific cheque by entering the cheque number.
  • Stop Payment Cheque: Mark a cheque leaf for stop payment.
  • Interest Rate Inquiry: Query interest rates for CASA & Term Deposit Products.
  • Foreign Exchange Rate Inquiry: Check Foreign Exchange (FX) Rates.
  • Change Password: Change Internet Banking password.

Additional Internet Banking Features for Corporate Banking:

  • Letter of Credit: Initiate LC applications.
  • Bank Guarantee: Initiate Bank Guarantee requests.
  • Limits Query: View Loan Limits and Limits Utilization.

User Registration for 2FA

  • Token Type: –Select– (Hardware)
  • Purpose: –Select– (Internet, eCommerce, both)
  • Full Name: [Input field]
  • Email Address: [Input field]
  • Mobile No: [Input field]
  • Address: [Input field]
  • Enter Captcha Code: [Input field] (Following)
  • Click on Submit

How to login DBBL Internet Banking?

Guidelines for Safe Online Banking with Dutch-Bangla Bank Internet Banking:

  • Use the virtual keyboard to secure your keystrokes.
  • Check the URL in the address bar for “https://” indicating a secure connection. If in doubt, verify the security certificate.
  • Ensure that the login page displays a valid security logo.
  • If you notice anything unusual, unprofessional, or out of place, contact our 24/7 online call center directly for assistance.

How to Transfer Funds in Online Banking?

  • Existing Template: If you have saved any templates previously, you can use them for the transaction.
  • Make New Payment: Initiate a new payment.
  • User Reference: Provide your own reference value for the transaction.
  • Source Account: Select the account from which the funds will be debited.
  • Destination Account: Specify the account to which the funds will be credited.
  • Transfer Amount: Enter the desired amount for the transfer.
  • Pay Now: Choose immediate fund transfer.
  • Pay Later: Select a desired date for the transfer.
  • Narrative: Provide a clear and understandable narration for the transaction.
  • Template Access Type: Select access type only if you are creating a new template.

Internet Banking Guidelines:

For viewing the PDF document, please click the link provided: Click here for view PDF

Please call +880 9666 322001-399 Extension 717159, 717160, or 717153 during office hours only. For assistance at any time, you can also reach our 24/7 Call Center at 16216.

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