AB School Banking

AB School Banking offers a comprehensive fees management solution tailored for educational institutions, providing convenience and efficiency to both students/guardians and administrative staff. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits:

AB School Banking for students and guardians:

  1. Instant Payment: Payment can be made instantly using various mediums such as credit/debit cards, bKash, Nagad, Rocket, Upay, MCash, T-Cash, etc.
  2. Anytime, Anywhere Access: Payments can be made at any time and from anywhere, offering unparalleled convenience.
  3. Instant Payment Updates: Receive immediate updates on payment status through SMS and email notifications.
  4. Downloadable Invoices and Receipts: Easily access and download invoices and receipts for payments made.

AB School Banking for educational institutions:

  1. Streamlined Management: Say goodbye to managerial indecision and tracking difficulties related to dues and payments.
  2. Auto-Adjustment of Reports: Payment and due reports are automatically adjusted, reducing administrative burden.
  3. One-Click Report Generation: Generate comprehensive reports with just one click, simplifying administrative tasks.
  4. Instant Payment Receipt Updates: Stay updated with instant payment receipt updates directly on the portal.
  5. Bulk Student Data Upload: Easily upload bulk student data, enhancing operational efficiency.

Contact Information:

For further inquiries or to schedule a meeting, feel free to reach out to us at 16207 or via email at schoolbankinginfo@abbl.com.

FAQs: AB School Banking

Q1: What is AB School Banking?
A1: AB School Banking is a specialized banking product designed for educational institutions and students to conveniently manage tuition fees collection and payments through AB Bank’s streamlined online platform.

Q2: Do I need to have an account with AB bank?
A2: No, having an account with AB Bank is not mandatory. Payments can be made using various channels like Credit/Debit cards or Mobile Financial Services (MFS) such as bKash, Rocket, Nogod, MCash, Upay, T-Cash, etc.

Q3: Can I complete payment without a bank account?
A3: Yes, payments can be made through Mobile Financial Services (MFS) like bKash, Nogod, Rocket, Upay, T-Cash, MCash, etc., even without a bank account.

Q4: Can I pay the fees through a bKash agent?
A4: No, payments must be made through the portal using a personal bKash number.

Q5: Where can I access the portal?
A5: The portal can be accessed via the payment section on the educational institution’s website or the AB Bank website.

Q6: Will I receive an invoice or receipt after payment?
A6: Yes, a “Paid” receipt will be sent to your email upon successful payment.

Q7: How do I confirm my payment is successful?
A7: You will receive a confirmation SMS on your mobile after each successful transaction, followed by an email receipt. You can also view the confirmation on the portal.

Q8: Can I make partial payments?
A8: Yes, partial payments are allowed if permitted by the educational institution.

Q9: Is there a charge for using this service?
A9: Yes, there is a 2% charge on the total tuition fee amount.

Q10: Can I pay anytime?
A10: Yes, payments can be made at any time, including holidays, as long as you have internet access.

Q11: Can I pay from overseas?
A11: Yes, payments can be made from any location with internet access.

Q12: Can I make advance payments?
A12: Yes, advance payments are accepted, and a report for each payment will be emailed to you.

Q13: How long does it take to update payments?
A13: Payments are registered and confirmed immediately upon completion.

Q14: How do I get the login credentials?
A14: The educational institution will provide you with the login username and password. You can change the password anytime after logging into the portal.

Q15: Do I need to inform the educational institution after payment?
A15: No, the system automatically updates your payment information.

Q16: Whom do I contact for payment issues?
A16: Initially, contact the bank or financial service provider. If issues persist, contact AB Bank’s call center to file a complaint for prompt resolution.

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