Agrani Bank PLC’s Special Loan Program

Agrani Bank PLC’s Special Loan Program empowering dreams, our tailored loans cater to diverse needs. Explore exclusive terms and flexible options for a brighter financial future. Your aspirations, our commitment – discover the key to financial empowerment with Agrani Bank today.

Special Loan Program Key Features

  1. Eligibility Criteria:
    • Applicable for Freedom Fighters availing Government Subsidies or Allowances through any branch of Agrani Bank Limited.
    • Freedom Fighters’ wives, sons, and daughters actively involved in small business or self-employment are eligible.
  2. Loan Amount:
    • The loan limit is set at an impressive 12.00 lac, offering substantial financial support to eligible applicants.
  3. Interest Rate:
    • Enjoy a competitive interest rate of 8%, subject to change.
  4. Repayment Period:
    • A flexible repayment period of 7 years ensures comfortable installment plans.
  5. Monthly Installments:
    • Monthly installments will be conveniently adjusted from the Freedom Fighters’ monthly or quarterly Government allowance, streamlining the repayment process.
  6. Easy Loan Processing:
    • Agrani Bank Limited ensures a hassle-free and swift loan processing experience, acknowledging the urgency and importance of financial assistance for Freedom Fighter families.

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Agrani Bank Limited takes pride in fostering the legacy of Freedom Fighters by offering a tailored financial solution. This unique loan program reflects the bank’s commitment to empowering the families of those who have contributed significantly to the nation’s freedom. With a generous loan limit, competitive interest rates, and easy repayment terms, Agrani Bank Limited stands as a beacon of support for the unsung heroes and their kin, ensuring a brighter and more secure future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Who is eligible for Agrani Bank Limited’s special loan program?

A: Freedom Fighters availing Government Subsidies or Allowances from any branch of Agrani Bank Limited, along with their spouses, sons, and daughters engaged in small business or self-employment.

Q2: What is the loan limit under this program?

A: The loan limit is up to 12.00 lac.

Q3: What is the interest rate for the loan, and is it subject to change?

A: The interest rate is 8%, and yes, it is subject to change.

Q4: How long is the repayment period for the loan?

A: The repayment period is 7 years.

Q5: How are monthly installments adjusted for repayment?

A: Monthly installments are conveniently adjusted from the Freedom Fighters’ monthly or quarterly Government allowance.

Q6: Is the loan processing a complex procedure?

A: No, Agrani Bank Limited ensures easy and swift loan processing for the convenience of applicants.

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