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Agrani Bank PLC is the first state-owned commercial bank in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Bank emerged as a nationalized commercial bank following the President’s Order No. 26 of 1972 (Nationalization) Order 1972. Formerly Habib Bank Limited and Commerce Bank Limited under Agrani Bank and renamed as Agrani Bank. Agrani Bank Limited (ABL) has around 400 agent booths operating agent banking activities in rural areas of Bangladesh.

Agrani Bank PLC is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of a Chairman, 5 Directors, an MD, and a CEO. The head of the bank is the managing director and chief executive officer; The Managing Director is assisted by Deputy Managing Directors and General Managers.

Agrani Bank Limited at a glance

Name of the BankAgrani Bank Limited
Legal StatusPublic Limited Company
Date of IncorporationMay 17, 2007
Number of Subsidiary2
Registered Office9/D, Dilkusha Commercial Area, Dhaka – 1000, Bangladesh
Phone Number+8802 9566153-54, 9566160-69, 9566074-75
Fax Number+8802 956 2346, 956 3662,

Agrani Bank PLC Core Banking Services

Banking CategoryService Details
General BankingAccount & Deposit:
·  Saving Deposits
·  Fixed Deposits Receipts (FDR)

·  Debit Card
Agri & Rural Banking·  Rural and Agro Credit
·  Farmers account
Green Banking·  Environment-Friendly Office Instructions
·  Maize Farmers Training
Merchant Banking·  Agrani Equity & Investment Limited
·  Issue Management
·  Underwriting
·  Portfolio Management
·  Investment Account
Islami Banking·  About Islami Banking
·  Deposit Products
·  Investment Products
·  Branches/Windows
·  Shariah Supervisory Committee
Agent Banking·  History of Agent Banking
·  Agent Banking List
·  Agents List

What are Agrani Bank PLC’s deposit and loan products?

Deposits ProductsLoan Products
·  Savings Bank Account
·  Current Deposit Account
·  Special Noticed Deposit Account
·  Fixed Deposit Account
·  Agrani Bank Pension Scheme (APS)
·  ABS Account
·  Agrani Bank Quarterly Income Scheme
·  Agrani Bank Sanchay Pension Scheme
·  Personal Loan
·  Any Purpose Loan
·  Freedom Fighter Loan
·  Loan against pension vata of retired Govt. officer/staff
·  Agrani Bank loan for Overseas Worker- ALOW
·  Green Banking Finance
·  Short Term SME Loan

What is the loan interest rate of Agrani Bank?

Loan Product NameInterest RateLoan Amount
Personal Loan9.00%Up to 20 Lac
Any Purpose Loan9.00%Up to 3 Lac
Freedom Fighter Loan8.00%Up to 12 Lac
Loan against pension vata of retired Govt.  officer/staff9.00%Up to 5 Lac
Agrani Bank loan for Overseas Worker- ALOW9.00%Up to 3 Lac
Green Banking Finance9.00%Depends on the project
Short-Term SME Loan9.00%Up to 3 Lac

What are the service products of Agrani Bank PLC?

Service NameDetails
Cash ServicesATM service
Fund TransferSWIFT
Value Added Services·  Locker Services
·  Agency Services
·  Utility Bill Collection
·  VAT Online Payment
·  A-Challan
·  Wage Earner’s Development Bond
·  Dollar Premium Bond
·  National Savings
·  Jiban Bima

What are the services of Agrani Bank PLC for non-resident Bangladeshi (NRB)?

NRB BankingNR Investors Taka Account, Us Dollar Premium Bond, Us Dollar Investment Bond, and Wage Earners Development Bond (WEDB)
Foreign Currency Deposit AccountsForeign Currency Account, Non-Resident Foreign Currency Deposit, and Agrani Exchange House)
List of Overseas OfficesOverseas Offices, Authorized Dealer, Exchange Houses, Correspondent Banking, Correspondent Banking Local, List of Nostro Accounts, Memorandum, and Articles of Association

What are Agrani Bank PLC’s Small and Mid-size Enterprise (SME) Products?

General SMESME Financing of Agrani Bank Limited
Definition of Cottage, Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise
Sectors of SME financing
Linkage of SME Financing
Contribution of ABL to Developing SME
Growth of SME in Agrani Bank Limited
Priority to the Small Enterprise
Special attention to the Women Entrepreneurs
Environment Friendly Banking
Area Approach/Cluster Based SME Financing
SME Help Desk
SME Products/ Programs of ABLNari Agrani
Employment Generation Project for the rural poor (EGPRP)
Special Micro-Credit Program (SMCP)
Daridro Bimochon Karmasuchi (DABIK)
Loan for Disable Person (LDP)
Small Credit Program for Women (SCPW)
Special Commercial Loan Program (SCLP)
Marginal and Small Farm System Crop Intensification Project (MSFSCIP) IFAD-Kurigram
SME Small Transport Credit Program (SMESTCP)
Solar Energy, Bio-gas and Effluent Treatment Plant Credit Scheme (SBETPCS)
SME Loan Program

What are required documents to open a new account?

Common requirements:

  • Filled Account Opening Agreement Form by Bank prescribed
  • Specimen signature cards
  • Recent photographs of Account Holders
  • Copy of Nationality ID card/ Passport
  • Cheque book Requisition slips
  • Nominee form duly filled
  • Letter of mandate to authorize another person or operate the Account on behalf of the Account holder (if necessary).

Additional Documents for Special Accounts

Limited Company:

  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Certificate of Commencement of Business
  • Profile list of all Directors, Designation, Address & Specimen Signature
  • Memorandum of Association & Article of Association
  • Resolution of the Board of Directors authorizing the opening of an account
  • Power of attorney (if any).

Partnership Firm:

  • The firm should describe the names and addresses of all partners.
  • Copy of the Partnership deed is required duly attested by Notary Public
  • Copy of Trade license
  • Export / Import Tax receipt
  • Photocopy of Registration Certificate duly attested by Notary Public
  • Letter of Partnership duly signed by all the partners for the non-Registered firm
  • Partnership resolution signed by all the partners
  • Mandate as to the operation of the Account.

Proprietorship Firm:

  • Authorized person name, designation & specimen signature
  • Copy of Trade license
  • Export/ Import Tax Receipt
  • Declaration of Proprietorship
  • Mandate if operation by a third party is to be allowed.

Association/Club/ Non-Trading Institutions/ Societies/Trustee Board etc:

  • Certified copy of Resolution for opening and operation of the account
  • Certified copy of Bye-laws & Regulations/ Constitution.
  • Copy of Government approval (if registered).
  • In case of death, A/C should be stopped until the club nominates another person.
  • Trust deed is needed-for trustee account.

How to calculate loans equated monthly installments (EMIs)?

Following factors depends for EMI calculation:

  • The size of the loan
  • The processing fees
  • The interest rate that is applicable to the loan
  • The tenure of the loan.

What is the Helpline of Agrani Bank PLC?

Concerned Officer Related to Right to Information Act (RTI):

Zakia Parveen

Deputy General Manager

Branch & Subsidiaries / Unit Control Division (RTI)

Phone: +8802 9554188


Appeal Division:

Md. Murshedul Kabir 

Managing Director& CEO

Agrani Bank Limited,

Head Office,

9/D, Dilkusha C/A, Motijheel, Dhaka

Phone: +8802 9585748, 9585749

Fax: +8802 9513752


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Agrani Bank PLC

Q: What is Agrani Bank PLC?
A: Agrani Bank PLC is the first state-owned commercial bank in Bangladesh.

Q: When was Agrani Bank PLC incorporated?
A: Agrani Bank PLC was incorporated on May 17, 2007.

Q: What is the legal status of Agrani Bank PLC?
A: Agrani Bank PLC is a public limited company.

Q: How is Agrani Bank PLC governed?
A: Agrani Bank PLC is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of a Chairman, 5 Directors, a Managing Director, and a Chief Executive Officer.

Q: What are the core banking services offered by Agrani Bank PLC?
A: Agrani Bank PLC offers a range of core banking services including General Banking, Agri & Rural Banking, Green Banking, Merchant Banking, Islami Banking, and Agent Banking.

Q: What deposit products does Agrani Bank PLC offer?
A: Agrani Bank PLC offers deposit products such as Savings Bank Account, Current Deposit Account, Special Noticed Deposit Account, Fixed Deposit Account, Agrani Bank Pension Scheme (APS), ABS Account, and Agrani Bank Quarterly Income Scheme.

Q: What loan products does Agrani Bank PLC offer?
A: Agrani Bank PLC offers loan products including Personal Loan, Any Purpose Loan, Freedom Fighter Loan, Loan against pension vata of retired Govt. officer/staff, Agrani Bank loan for Overseas Worker (ALOW), Green Banking Finance, and Short Term SME Loan.

Q: How many subsidiary companies does Agrani Bank PLC have?
A: Agrani Bank PLC has two subsidiary companies.

Q: Where is Agrani Bank PLC’s head office located?
A: Agrani Bank PLC’s head office is located at 9/D, Dilkusha Commercial Area, Dhaka – 1000, Bangladesh.

Q: How can I contact Agrani Bank PLC?
A: You can contact Agrani Bank PLC via phone at +8802 9566153-54, 9566160-69, 9566074-75, or via email at and

Q: What are the services offered under Agent Banking by Agrani Bank PLC?
A: Under Agent Banking, Agrani Bank PLC provides services such as Rural and Agro Credit, Farmers account, and various other banking services through agent booths operating in rural areas of Bangladesh.

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