Agrani SME Financing Company Women Entrepreneur Loan

According to Bangladesh Bank, “Empowerment of women has been seen as one of the tools of development. Almost half of the total population of Bangladesh are women. It is seen that the empowerment of women has accelerated the development process of the country. Hence the emphasis is placed on the participation of women in entrepreneurship activities and appropriate arrangements are made with various development practitioners. The central bank has conducted a study to explore the role of all banks in the development of women entrepreneurs and has created a separate scope for them. Research shows that women are aware enough to play an important role in socio-economic development and especially for themselves.

Agrani SME Financing Company has launched the Women Entrepreneur Loan Scheme under the company’s SME division with a dedicated desk to advance this initiative of the Central Bank. The company provides loans to all categories as per Bangladesh Bank guidelines and regulations and on favorable terms for women entrepreneurs.

Agrani SME Financing Company Women Entrepreneur Loan Features

  • Loan interest: 14.00% p.a.
  • Loan Amount: Maximum BDT. 20 lac (Twenty Lac)
  • Nature of the Loan: Term Loan
  • Repayment procedure: Monthly Repayment facility
  • Security: No Collateral security up to 2.00 Lac

Fee and charges

  • Service Charge: N/A
  • Application fee: Free of cost
  • Documentation Fee: At actual
  • Stamp Fee: At actual
  • Early-Settlement: 2% on the Outstanding amount
  • Loan processing fee: BDT 100

Agrani SME Financing Company Women Entrepreneur Loan Required Documents

  • 1 (One) copy passport size photograph of the borrower/ Partners as well as guarantor(s).
  • Copy of National Identity Card (NID).
  • Copy of valid Trade License by authority.
  • Declaration copy of the Net Worth of the borrower.
  • Duly signed and crossed postdated cheques in favor of the Bank branch for each installment and one undated Cheque for full loan value including full interest supported by a memorandum of deposit of cheques.
  • Financial statement of the company.
  • Up-to-date clean CIB report.
  • NOC from the Directorate of Environment, where required.
  • Shortest possible processing & least formalities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Agrani SME Finance Women Entrepreneurs Loan

What is the Women Entrepreneurs Loan?

For Empowerment of women Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

What is the maximum Loan amount?

Maximum loan amount is BDT 20 Lac.

What is the Nature of the Loan?

Term Loan

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