Bank Asia Unsecured Personal Loan

Bank Asia Unsecured Personal Loan

Bank Asia offers Unsecured Personal Loan (UPL) to its general customers which is a term loan facility offered by the retail banking division of the bank. This loan is for working people where the bank works to meet their personal needs. This is an “any purpose” loan. However, the applicant must clearly mention the purpose of the loan in the loan application form.

Loan Features

  • Loan amount: Minimum Tk. 50,000.00 to Maximum Tk. 2,000,000.00*
  • Loan tenor: 60 months
  • Re-payment method: Equal Monthly Installments
  • No hidden cost.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age: Minimum 23 years, Maximum 65 years at loan maturity*
  • Income: Tk. 15,000.00 per month 
  • Citizenship: Only Bangladeshi individual.

Loan details

Loan amountMinimum Tk. 50,000.00 to Maximum Tk. 2,000,000.00*
Joint Application typeOnly spouse is allowed as a joint applicant
Repayment tenureMaximum 60 years
Re-payment methodEqual Monthly Installments
CostNo hidden cost

Charges & Fees

Penal Interest2% per month on overdue amount
Processing Fee0.50% but not exceeding Tk. 15,000
Partial / Final prepayment0.50% on prepayment amount
Stamp ChargesRelevant stamp charges will be realize from the borrower(s).

FAQs on Unsecured Personal Loans

Q: What is the range of loan amounts offered by Bank Asia Limited for Unsecured Personal Loans?
A: The loan amount ranges from a minimum of Tk. 50,000.00 to a maximum of Tk. 2,000,000.00.

Q: How long is the loan tenor for Bank Asia Limited’s Unsecured Personal Loans?
A: The loan tenor is 60 months.

Q: What is the repayment method for the Unsecured Personal Loans?
A: Repayment is structured through Equal Monthly Installments.

Q: Are there any hidden costs associated with Bank Asia Limited’s Unsecured Personal Loans?
A: No, there are no hidden costs.

Q: What are the eligibility criteria to qualify for Bank Asia Limited’s Unsecured Personal Loans?
A: Applicants must be Bangladeshi individuals aged between 23 years (minimum) and 65 years (maximum) at loan maturity. Additionally, a minimum monthly income of Tk. 15,000.00 is required.

Q: Can I apply for the loan jointly with someone else?
A: Yes, only spouses are allowed as joint applicants for the loan.

Q: Is there a penalty for late payments?
A: Yes, a penal interest of 2% per month is charged on overdue amounts.

Q: Are there any fees associated with processing the loan?
A: Yes, there is a processing fee of 0.50%, not exceeding Tk. 15,000.

Q: Are there charges for partial or final prepayments?
A: Yes, there is a charge of 0.50% on the prepayment amount.

Q: Are stamp charges applicable for the loan?
A: Yes, relevant stamp charges will be realized from the borrower(s).

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