BRAC Bank Corporate Banking

BRAC Bank Corporate Banking

Discover the comprehensive range of goods and services offered by BRAC Bank Ltd.’s Corporate Banking Division, backed by BRAC Bank Corporate Banking, to meet the diverse needs of corporate clients. Enjoy expert relationship managers, nationwide reach, trade business support, cash management services, and cutting-edge technology to enhance your corporate banking experience. Join us and experience excellence with BRAC Bank Corporate Banking.

BRAC Bank Corporate Banking History

BRAC Bank Ltd.’s Corporate Banking Division, in association with BRAC Bank Corporate Banking, offers a comprehensive range of goods and services to cater to the evolving needs of corporate clients across diverse business sectors. Since its inception in 2009, BRAC Bank Ltd.’s Corporate Banking Division, backed by BRAC Bank Corporate Banking, has consistently been the preferred financial partner for corporate clients.

Experience the Finest with BRAC Bank Corporate Banking:

  • Expert Relationship Managers: Our team of knowledgeable and dedicated relationship managers, supported by BRAC Bank Corporate Banking, is committed to understanding your business requirements and providing tailored solutions through a diverse range of products and services.
  • Nationwide Network: With an extensive network that spans the nation, including support from BRAC Bank Corporate Banking, we can reach even the most remote corporate clients and offer them specialized banking solutions.
  • Trade Business Focus: BRAC Bank Corporate Banking places a strong emphasis on trade business to assist clients with a background in trade. Our dedicated team is readily available to address your trading needs promptly, in collaboration with BRAC Bank Corporate Banking.
  • Comprehensive Cash Management: Our Cash Management wing, together with BRAC Bank Corporate Banking, offers a wide array of cash management services, all conveniently available under one roof, to enhance your company’s performance.
  • Technological Advancements: Ongoing technological investments, in partnership with BRAC Bank Corporate Banking, empower you to consolidate various solutions under a single roof, reducing your reliance on manual correspondence.

Take Our Financial Knowledge to Work for Your Company

Our Corporate Banking product suite offers a diverse range of products and services, tailored to meet the specific requirements of customers across various industries. This comprehensive suite caters to a wide spectrum of clients, including large manufacturing industries, service entities, RMG (Ready-Made Garments) businesses, buying houses, MNCs (Multinational Corporations), EPZ (Export Processing Zone) & EZ (Economic Zone) customers, DOs (Deemed Export Orders), project developers, and supply chain concerns, among others. Over the course of our business journey, the Corporate Banking Team has acquired invaluable experience and expertise, enabling us to provide convenient solutions for complex financial transactions.

The major products and services offered under Corporate Banking include:

1. Working Capital Financing

To address the financial requirements of day-to-day operational activities, we offer a suite of Working Capital facilities, including a pool of credit products designed to meet a range of needs. These facilities cover everyday necessities such as import requirements, local procurement, Duty & VAT payments, overhead expenses, advances against receivables, work order finance, and more. Notable working capital products include:

  • LC facilities (Sight, Defer & UPAS)
  • LATR & Import Loan
  • Revolving Loans
  • Short Term Demand Loan
  • Overdraft
  • Bill Purchase

Working capital facilities are available in both local and foreign currencies, in compliance with relevant regulatory guidelines.

2. Capital Machinery Financing

The growth of your business hinges on investing in top-quality machinery. At BRAC Bank, we provide financing solutions for the procurement of both new and reconditioned machinery from renowned suppliers worldwide. We offer short-term and long-term loan facilities with flexible repayment terms to suit your capital machinery retirement needs. This facility also encompasses financing options for green equipment and various safety and security items. Thanks to our highest credit rating and access to multiple international lenders, we can offer competitive pricing.

3. Project Financing

BRAC Bank Limited extends financing facilities to new projects and the expansion of existing facilities, aligning with your future cash flow projections. As a nominated bank for IPPF, LTFF, and various other refinancing schemes of Bangladesh Bank and other multilateral bodies, we can offer attractive terms for your project expenses. Additionally, we have organized various syndication facilities to mobilize significant funds from participating banks to meet our customers’ requirements.

4. Lease Financing

Lease finance serves as a convenient long-term avenue for acquiring capital machinery, equipment, and vehicles. Our extensive portfolio of lease finance covers a wide spectrum, including lease financing for commercial vehicles, capital machinery, and equipment. With a proven track record in lease finance, BRAC Bank offers competitive pricing to address your lease financing needs effectively.

Trade products and services Power Your Business

Trade Business holds a pivotal role within BRAC Bank Ltd, and our commitment is to offer you the finest Trade products and services, aiming to be your preferred trade partner. BRAC Bank provides an extensive array of Trade products and services, accessible through its central trade office, regional trade center, trade hubs situated across industrial areas, and corporate branches.

Under the umbrella of BBL Trade, you can access the following products and services:

  1. Letter of Credit (Sight, Usance, UPAS): Secure and flexible solutions for your import transactions.
  2. Back to Back Letter of Credit (BBLC): Efficiently manage your import and export transactions.
  3. Import Documents Handling: Streamlined handling of import documents to ease your trade operations.
  4. Import Loans (LATR, EDF, UPAS, Term Loan): Tailored financing options to support your import requirements.
  5. Shipping Guarantee: Ensure the smooth arrival of your imports.
  6. Delivery Order: Facilitate the receipt of your imports.
  7. Export LC (Advise & Transfer): Manage your export Letters of Credit effectively.
  8. Export Bill Negotiation: Simplify your export bill negotiation process.
  9. Export Financing (LDBP & FDBP): Access financing solutions for your export transactions.
  10. Letter of Guarantee: Strengthen your trade agreements with guarantees.

In addition, our dedicated FX team is poised to offer you competitive exchange rates, helping you meet your import needs while mitigating exchange rate fluctuation risks through hedge tools such as forwards and swaps. Committed to excellence, we invest in cutting-edge technologies and continually enhance our processes to provide you with the best trade services. As part of our commitment to efficiency and convenience, BBL Trade now offers a fully integrated swift communication platform, a trade transaction alert system, an automated voucher and report delivery platform, as well as an internet banking platform to streamline your transactions. Join us at BBL Trade and experience the future of seamless trade services.

Cash Management Solutions

Cash Management Products and Services at BRAC Bank:

BRAC Bank offers a diverse range of corporate account schemes to cater to the unique needs of its valued clients. These offerings encompass various types of accounts and cash management services to facilitate smooth financial operations.

1. Short Notice Deposit Account (SND)An interest-bearing corporate account with daily interest calculations.
Every six months, interest is credited to the account.
2. Corporate Current AccountA non-interest bearing corporate account ideal for day-to-day corporate transactions.
3. Fixed/Term Deposit AccountTailored for long-term investments, with competitive deposit rates.
Offers deposit schemes with varying tenors to meet client preferences.
4. Export Retention Quota (ERQ)Facilitates merchandise exporters, allowing them to retain 50% of the repatriated FOB value in a foreign currency ERQ account.
These accounts are established upon client request at AD branches.
5. Proposed AccountDesigned to streamline the establishment and operation of foreign-owned companies in Bangladesh.
6. Corporate FC AccountA foreign currency account that meets the specific banking requirements of corporate clients.

Cash Management Services

BRAC Bank Limited provides an extensive array of cash management services, ensuring that client needs are met efficiently. These services are flexible and can be customized to suit the unique requirements of various clients. In a short period, we’ve made significant strides by offering diverse collection solutions to organizations, including government entities, autonomous bodies, large local conglomerates, development organizations, and multinational corporations.

Key BBL Cash Management Services

Deposit FacilityOffers competitive deposit rates with various products catering to investment and transactional needs, including short and long-term investments, employees’ provident fund, gratuity fund, and employee welfare fund. Focuses not only on pricing but also on exceptional service standards to enhance client value.
Nationwide Collection Service (NCS)Facilitates large corporate houses in collecting funds from their clients through BBL’s branch network. Ensures efficient and timely credit to clients’ single collection accounts. Provides NCS Software for real-time online transaction data integration.
Secured Cash Service (SCS)Customized secure cash collection services are established at specified locations in different cities. Supports the collection of corporate clients’ funds, subsequently depositing them into the respective client accounts.
Payment Transfer Solution (PTS)Facilitates organizations in efficiently remitting funds to desired locations and making prompt payments.
Cash Pick up and Drop ServiceProvides secure cash pick-up and drop-off services from/to clients’ office premises. Operates with a self-sufficient logistic setup, ensuring security, convenience, and flexible service timings.
Transactional ServicesAssists clients in their daily transactions through various account types, such as current accounts and SND accounts.
Internet BankingOffers a smart Internet banking system to corporate clients. Provides secured and real-time online transaction views, transaction history retrieval, and account statement downloads in different file formats.
Mobile Financial ServicesBRAC Bank, in collaboration with bKash Limited, offers integrated Mobile Financial Services (MFS) for clients in rural and unbanked areas.

Experience comprehensive cash management solutions with BRAC Bank, where client satisfaction and efficiency are at the forefront of our services.

Custodial Services

Foreign Investors or NRBs:

BRAC Bank provides a gateway for foreign institutions, individuals, and NRBs to participate in the Bangladesh Capital Market through its dedicated custodial services team under the product ‘Probashi Biniyog.’ This service is accessible through NITA (Non-Resident Investors Taka Accounts).

Local Mutual Funds:

BRAC Bank acts as the custodian for various mutual funds managed by different asset management companies in the country. Mutual funds play a crucial role for both retail and institutional investors, offering diversified portfolios and significant returns on investments.

IPO (Initial Public Offering) Fund Management:

BRAC Bank’s IPO fund management facility is designed to oversee the IPO funds of clients by acting as the lead banker to the issue. It also provides additional services such as right share collection and dividend disbursement.

Key Features of the Product:

  1. NRBs, foreign individuals, and institutions can invest in the Bangladeshi Capital Market from anywhere globally.
  2. BRAC Bank Limited offers custodian services for secure shareholding.
  3. Easy repatriation of capital, dividends, and investment profits.
  4. Clients can manage their investments and instructions through a web-based online portal, including portfolio tracking.

For detailed information on the account opening process for custodial relationships, please refer to the provided link.

BRAC Bank Limited’s Commitment:

BRAC Bank Limited, as your custodian, ensures:

  1. Safekeeping of your shares/stocks.
  2. Execution of securities transactions through different brokerage houses.
  3. Collection of income information from your capital market investments.
  4. Updates on underlying companies and their annual general meetings.
  5. Management of cash transactions and foreign exchange transactions where necessary.
  6. Regular reporting of activities.
  7. Fund management in NITA and repatriation of all funds, including capital gains, to clients’ overseas bank accounts per their instructions.


The following individuals and entities are eligible for custodial services:

  1. Bangladeshi nationals (Bangladeshi passport holders) residing or working abroad.
  2. Foreign passport holders originally from Bangladesh.
  3. Foreign institutions and foreign individuals.

Account Operations:

  • NITA allows only share-related transactions.
  • No ATM cards or checkbooks are issued for NITA.
  • Funds in NITA are maintained in the local currency, BDT.

Permissible Deposits under NITA:

  • Inward Remittances
  • Transfers from FCY accounts
  • Refund Warrants of IPO
  • Sale proceeds of shares
  • Dividends/Bonuses from shares

How to Get Started:

To avail BRAC Bank Limited’s custodial services, clients need to complete the following forms:

  1. FC Account Opening Form (if not already held) for foreign currency remittance.
  2. NITA (Non-Resident Investor’s Taka Account) Opening Form for financial transactions related to share purchase and sale in the secondary stock market.
  3. Customer Information Form for share trading.
  4. BO Account Opening Form to hold shares purchased on your behalf.
  5. BO Account Nomination Form for nominating individuals to receive outstanding shares in the event of your demise.
  6. Custodian Agreement authorizing BRAC Bank Limited as the custodian of your shares.
  7. NITA Securities Accounts Services Agreement allowing BRAC Bank Limited to execute share trading orders and settle transactions required for deals in the Bangladesh Capital Market.

BRAC Bank Limited offers a range of services under its custodial services unit to facilitate various clients in their operations within the Bangladesh Capital Market.

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