IDLC Purnota: Women Entrepreneur Loan

IDLC Purnota: Women Entrepreneur Loan

To all the women with passion, we recognize that your journey isn’t easy. Achieving success requires more than just financial assistance. IDLC Purnota: Women Entrepreneur Loan provides comprehensive solutions tailored to women-owned businesses, empowering them to accelerate and expand their ventures.”

IDLC Purnota Loan Features:

  • Loan Tenure: Up to 13 to 60 months.
  • Loan Limit: Starting from BDT 2 lacs.
  • Loan without Collateral: Available for up to BDT 35 lacs.
  • Flexible Repayment: Based on the cash flow of the business.
  • Refinancing Scheme: Loans up to BDT 50 lac at 5% interest rate under Bangladesh Bank’s Refinancing Scheme.
  • Non-financial Services: Specifically designed non-financial services to support your business growth.

Additional Benefits:

  • Business Facilitation Service:
  1. Assistance in obtaining regulatory documents and licenses required for your business.
  2. Documents include Trade License, Tax Identification Number (TIN) Certificate, Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC), Import Realization Certificate (IRC), Export Realization Certificate (ERC), and more.
  • Purnota Helpline:
  1. Information and guidance related to IDLC Purnota Loan.
  2. Guidance on accounts and bookkeeping, deposit-related information, basic banking rules and regulations, and various training facilities.
  • Purnota Trainings:
  1. Capacity and skill development, business management, and vocational trainings.
  2. Training on bookkeeping, working capital management, marketing, human resource management, production management, product development, quality control, and vocational training on various SME businesses.
  • Purnota Digital Marketing:
  1. Advisory service and guidance on marketing and promotional strategy through social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and email marketing.
  • Purnota Club:
  1. A platform for women entrepreneurs to share skills, ideas, experiences, and form a network of support.

Required Documents:

  • Mandatory and supplementary documents are required to avail this loan.
  • Photocopy of National Identification Card (NID)
  • Photocopy of Trade License
  • Personal Net Worth Statement
  • Bank Statement
  • Rental Deed
  • Sales Information for the past 12 months
  • Photocopy of Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Credit Information Bureau (CIB) Undertaking
  • Other relevant documents if required

Contact Information:

Corporate Division
IDLC Finance PLC
Bay’s Galleria (1st Floor), 57 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
Contact No: 16409, +8809609994352.

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