Dhaka Electric Supply Company Limited (DESCO)

Getting an electricity connection through the Dhaka Electric Supply Company Limited (DESCO) in Bangladesh involves a series of steps. DESCO is responsible for supplying electricity in the Dhaka district, so if you are within their service area and wish to obtain a connection, here’s a general guide on how to do so:

Residential or Commercial Electricity Connection

  1. Contact DESCO: Begin by getting in touch with DESCO to inquire about the requirements and procedures for obtaining an electricity connection. You can visit their official website or contact their local office for information.
  2. Application Form: Obtain an application form for a new electricity connection from DESCO. You can download it from their website or get it from their office.
    • Apply for a New Electricity Connection with DESCO:
    • Application System:
      • Step 1: Visit DESCO’s Website
        • Go to the DESCO website at desco.org.bd.
        • Find the “Online Customer Service Management System” web portal by clicking on the ‘অনলাইনে আবেদন-নতুন সংযোগ’ (Online Application – New Connection) link.
      • Step 2: Register as a User
        • Within the OCSMS web portal, register as a user. This involves creating a user account by providing the necessary personal information.
      • Step 3: Activate Your User Account
        • After registering, activate your user account through the OCSMS web portal. This step is essential to proceed with your application.
      • Step 4: Apply for a New Connection
        • Within your user account, initiate the application for a new electricity connection. This is where you formally start the process.
      • Step 5: Fill-Up Application Form
        • Complete the application form provided within the system. This form may require you to provide details about your identity, premises, and other relevant information.
        • Attach any required documents, such as proof of ownership or occupancy and passport-sized photographs.
        • Submit the application form through the system.
      • Step 6: Application Fees Payment
        • Use your user dashboard within the OCSMS web portal or follow instructions to make the application fee payment through an enlisted bank. The fee amount will be specified by DESCO and may vary depending on the type of connection and your load requirements.
      • Step 7: Demand Note Fees Payment
        • Similarly, use your user dashboard or follow guidelines to make the demand note fee payment through an enlisted bank, as specified by DESCO.
      • Step 8: Submission of Solar Documents (If Applicable)
        • If your electricity connection involves solar power, submit the required solar documents through the system. Ensure that you provide all necessary documentation for solar-related installations.
      • Step 9: Submission of Meter Information (If Applicable)
        • If you’re installing a meter, submit the relevant meter information through the system. This may include details about the type of meter, its specifications, and other meter-related information.
      • By following these steps in the Online Customer Service Management System (OCSMS) web portal, you can efficiently apply for a new electricity connection with DESCO.
  3. Required Documents: Gather the necessary documents, which may include:
    • Completed application form.
    • National identity card (NID) or passport for proof of identity.
    • Proof of ownership or occupancy of the premises where you want the electricity connection.
    • Passport-sized photographs.
    • Any other documents as specified by DESCO.
  4. Submit Application: Complete the application form and submit it along with the required documents to the local DESCO office.
  5. Load Assessment: DESCO will assess the required load based on your electrical needs. The load requirement and fees will depend on whether it is a residential or commercial connection.
  6. Connection Fee: Pay the connection fee as determined by DESCO. This fee may vary based on factors such as the required load and location.
  7. Installation: After payment, DESCO will proceed with the installation of the electricity connection at your premises.
  8. Safety Inspection: A safety inspection will be conducted to ensure that the installation complies with safety standards.
  9. Connection Activation: Once the safety inspection is successful, your electricity connection will be activated, and you can start using it.

DESCO Service Offices

SLConcerned DivisionService CenterContact PersonContact Information
1Agargaon S&D DivisionBlock-D (Administrative Area), Sher-E-Banglanagar, Agargaon, Dhaka-1207Engr. Md. Tazuddin AhmedPhone: 8181486, Fax: 8181484
Email: agargaon.sdd@desco.org.bd
Complaint (Phone): 02-55007290, 02-55007291
Complaint (Mobile): 01755637588,
One Point Service: 01321117862
2Badda S&D DivisionHouse No.- 16, Road No.-04, Block-D, Johurul Islam City, Aftabnagar R/A, Dhaka-1212Engr. A.K.M. Nazimul IslamPhone: 55046618, 55046619
Email: badda.sdd@desco.org.bd
Complaint (Phone): 55046617, Complaint (Mobile): 01755637600
One Point Service (Phone): 02-55046615
One Point Service (Mobile): 01321117852
3Baridhara S&D DivisionPlot-04, Block-J, Road-01/A, Madani Avenue, Baridhara, Dhaka-1212Engr. Md. Nasir Uddin MiahPhone: 8832858
Fax: 9855244, Email: baridhara.sdd@desco.org.bd
Electricity Interruption (24 hour): 02222288965, 02222283598
Electricity Bill (During Office): 02222295117, 0222282012 (EX-204)
One Point Service: 01321117851
4Dakshin Khan S&D DivisionDag# 3503/3504, Mollah Para, Dakshin Khan, Dhaka-1230Engr. Md. Shamsul IslamPhone: 8911289
Fax: 8912309
Email: dakshinkhan.sdd@desco.org.bd, Electricity Interruption (24 Hour): 019 6714 9488, 028999398, 028999470
Electricity Bill (Office Hour): 01321117864
5Gulshan S&D DivisionPlot No.-47, Road No.-134, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212Engr. S.M. Shah SultanPhone: 9859493, 9845759
Fax: 88-02-9859397
Email: gulshan.sdd@desco.org.bd
Complaint (Phone): 02-222295120, 02-222295045
Complaint (Mobile): 01713-443013
One Point Service: 01321117850
6Joar Shahara S&D DivisionHouse No.- 3, Road No.-6, Block-C, Banani, Dhaka-1213Engr. Mohammad Akter Hossain SiddiquePhone: 9821050, 9822060, 9822063, 9821049, Email: joarshahara.sdd@desco.org.bd, Complaint (Phone): 02-222297971
Complaint (Mobile): 01736974250
One Point Service: 01321117853
7Kafrul S&D DivisionHouse No.- 4, Road No.-17, Block-C, Section-10, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216Engr. Md. Jakker HossainPhone: 9022131 (Direct), 9021344 (PABX, Ext – 101)
Email: kafrul.sdd@desco.org.bd
Complaint (Phone): 48031432, 48036971, 48036761 (PABX, Ext – 110)
One Point Service (Phone): 02-48035969
One Point Service (Mobile): 01321117861
8Monipur S&D DivisionHouse No.- 4, Road No.-17, Block-C, Section-10, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216Engr. Md. Zikrul HossainPhone: 02-41000305
Email: pallabi.sdd@desco.org.bd
Complaint (Mobile): 01708166978, 01704075529
One Point Service: 01321117858
9Pallabi S&D DivisionHouse No.-4, Road No.-17, Block-C, Section-10, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216Engr. Md. Zelhaj UddinPhone: 02-41000305
Email: pallabi.sdd@desco.org.bd
Complaint (Mobile): 01708166978, 01704075529
One Point Service: 01321117858
10Rupnagar S&D DivisionPlot- 1/KA, Block-C, Avenue-05, Section-06, Mirpur, Dhaka-1207Engr. Rupan Kanti DasPhone: 9034642, 9025532
Fax: 88-02-9020136, Email: rupnagar.sdd@desco.org.bd
Complaint (Phone): 9001051
Complaint (Mobile): 01733077947
One Point Service: 01321117860
11Shah Ali S&D DivisionPlot- 1/KA, Block-C, Avenue-05, Section-06, Mirpur, Dhaka-1207Engr. Mohammad Abrar HossainPhone: 9029221 (PABX), 8034059
Email: shahali.sdd@desco.org.bd
Contact: 02-48036164
Complaint (Phone): 02-48038099, 02-48031937
Complaint (Mobile): 01795-315205
One Point Service: 01321117863
12Tongi (East) S&D DivisionSquib Road, Cherag Ali, Tongi, GazipurEngr. Niaz MohammadPhone: 9815903, Fax: 88-02-9810162
Email: tongieast.sdd@desco.org.bd, Complaint: 9815904, 9817678
One point Service: 01321117856
13Tongi (West) S&D DivisionSquib Road, Cherag Ali, Tongi, GazipurEngr. Shekh Saiful IslamPhone: 9815921
Fax: 88-02-9815922
Email: tongiwest.sdd@desco.org.bd
Complaint: 9817637, 9811083
Onepoint Service: 01321117857
14Uttara (West) S&D DivisionHouse-35, Road-15, Sector-13, Uttara, Dhaka-1230Engr. Md. Shamsul IslamMobile: 01755637536
Office: 55087110(PABX)
Complaint(Phone): 48956788
Complaint(Mobile): 01708166918
One point Service: 01321117855
15Uttar khan S&D DivisionHouse # 840, Shah Kabir Mazar Road, Uttarkhan, Dhaka -1230Engr. Muhammad Jasud Khan
Executive Engineer
Complaint(Phone): 8999294
Complaint(Mobile): 01743169606
Onepoint Service: 01321117865
16Uttara (East) S&D Division20-21, Shahjalal Avenue Sector-6, Uttara, DhakaEngr. Mohammad Abdul Latif Miah
Executive Engineer
Phone: 48961262 PABX : 58953848, 58954594
Fax: 88-02-58954607
Complaint: 0258954265, 0258950574
Onepoint Service: 01321117854
17Kallyanpur S&D Division125/1, Darus Salam Road, Darus Salam, Dhaka-121601755-637588, 01708-166914
18Bashundhara S&D DivisionPlot-04, Road-1/A, Block-J, Madani Avenue, Baridhara-1212222295117, 222282012 (Ext-204), 01729-245698
19Eastern Housing S&D DivisionPlot_23,bl-29/A, pallabi, Dhaka-12160248031399, 01313-710703
20Ibrahimpur S&D DivisionPlot_23, bl-29/A, pallabi, Dhaka-12160248031399, 01313-710703
21Turag S&D DivisionPlot -05, Road-03, Sector-15, Block-F, Uttara, Dhaka-123001708166910, 02-55087112
22Khilkhet S&D DivisionKha- 99/3/1, East Namapara, Koborsthan Road, Khilkhet, Dhaka-1229.Engr. Md. Monjurul HasanEmail: khilkhet.sdd@desco.org.bd
One Point Service: 01313 710764
Complaint center (Call center) 16120
23Shah Kabir S&D DivisionDagh: 3503/3504, Mollah Para, DakshinKhan, Dhaka – 1230
Engr A.K.M Syeduzzaman
Phone: 8911289
Fax: 8912309
24Tongi (Central) S&D DivisionSquib Road, Cherag Ali, Tongi, GazipurEngr. Md.Kamrul IslamEmail: tongicentral.sdd@desco.org.bd
Complaint: 16120
One point Service: 01313710712

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