Dutch-Bangla Bank Mobile Banking

Dutch-Bangla Bank Mobile Banking (Rocket) revolutionized banking in Bangladesh by introducing the country’s first mobile banking service. With Rocket, banking services are made available through a wide range of mobile phones, offering convenience, accessibility, and security to customers, particularly in remote areas. Here are some key benefits and features of Rocket:

  1. Real-Time Online Banking: Rocket enables customers to access banking services anytime, anywhere throughout the country. Services such as customer registration, cash deposits, withdrawals, mobile top-ups, person-to-person transfers, foreign remittance, salary disbursement, balance inquiries, bill payments, and merchant payments are available in real-time online.
  2. Access to Banking Services at Affordable Cost: Rocket provides access to banking and advanced payment transactions at an affordable cost through authorized agent points nationwide. This service is faster and more accessible than traditional banking methods, catering even to those in remote areas.
  3. Convenient and Secure Money Transfers: Rocket offers a convenient and secure way to send money. Transactions are safer, faster, and protected against fraudulent activities. Customers’ funds remain secure as transactions require possession of the mobile device, PIN, and check digit for authorization.
  4. Promotes Savings Habit: Rocket encourages the development of a savings habit among users, making it an effective tool for financial inclusion and empowerment.

Key Services Offered by Rocket:

  • Customer Registration: Customers can register at any DBBL nominated agent, UISC, or Banglalink.
  • Cash-In (Deposit): Deposits can be made at any DBBL branch or nominated agent.
  • Cash-Out (Withdrawal): Withdrawals are available at DBBL branches and ATMs.
  • ATM Withdrawal: Cash withdrawals can be made at any Dutch-Bangla Bank ATM.
  • Mobile Top-Up: Rocket account holders can top-up their own or others’ mobile phones (Banglalink, Citycell, Robi).
  • Person-to-Person Transfer (P2P): Money transfers between Rocket accounts.
  • Bank Account to Mobile Bank Account Transfer: Transfer money from a bank account to a Rocket account.
  • Foreign Remittance: Remittance can be sent from any nominated exchange house.
  • Salary Disbursement: Corporates can disburse employee salaries through Rocket.
  • Balance Inquiry: Check account balance through SMS.
  • Bill Payment: Pay various bills directly from the Rocket account.
  • Merchant Payment: Use the merchant payment option for buying and selling transactions.

Overall, Dutch-Bangla Bank Rocket offers a comprehensive suite of banking services tailored to the needs of a diverse customer base, making banking more accessible, efficient, and secure in Bangladesh.

FAQs on Dutch-Bangla Bank Mobile Banking

Q: What is Dutch-Bangla Bank Rocket?
A: Dutch-Bangla Bank Rocket is the first mobile banking service in Bangladesh, offering banking facilities through a wide range of mobile phones.

Q: What services does Rocket provide?
A: Rocket provides a variety of banking and financial services, including cash deposits (Cash-In), withdrawals (Cash-Out), mobile top-ups, person-to-person transfers (P2P), foreign remittance, salary disbursement, balance inquiries, bill payments, and merchant payments.

Q: How can I access Rocket services?
A: You can access Rocket services through authorized agent points nationwide or directly from your mobile phone using the Rocket mobile banking app.

Q: Is Rocket banking secure?
A: Yes, Rocket banking is secure. Transactions require possession of the mobile device, PIN, and check digit for authorization, making it safer and more secure against fraudulent activities.

Q: Can I transfer money between bank accounts and Rocket accounts?
A: Yes, customers can transfer money from a bank account to a Rocket account and vice versa, facilitating seamless transactions between different banking platforms.

Q: Can I withdraw cash from Rocket at an ATM?
A: Yes, you can withdraw cash from any Dutch-Bangla Bank ATM using your Rocket account.

Q: How can I register for Rocket?
A: You can register for Rocket at any DBBL nominated agent, UISC, or Banglalink outlet.

Q: Is Rocket suitable for people in remote areas?
A: Yes, Rocket is particularly beneficial for people in remote areas as it provides access to banking services without the need for physical bank branches.

Q: Can I use Rocket for international transactions?
A: Yes, Rocket offers foreign remittance services, allowing customers to send and receive money from abroad through nominated exchange houses.

Q: Are there any fees associated with Rocket transactions?
A: Rocket transactions are generally available at affordable costs, making banking services accessible to a wider range of people. However, specific fees may apply depending on the type of transaction and service requested.

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