What is Card Management Department?


Card Activation:

If your Card/PIN is currently inactive, please contact:

  • For Debit Card: 01730700065, 01708122133, 01313080236
  • For Credit Card: 01313080235
    (Sunday to Thursday, between 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM) from your registered mobile number in Janata Bank Ltd.

First Time PIN (Personal Identification Number) Change Procedure (Using Q-cash Member ATM):

  1. Insert your card in ATM.
  2. Input your Present PIN (Personal Identification Number).
  3. Input your new PIN (It must be 4 digits).
  4. Input your new PIN again for confirmation.
  5. Receive your card.

Cash Withdrawal Procedure from ATM:

  1. Insert your Card in ATM & wait until PIN input screen is visible.
  2. Input your PIN (Personal Identification Number).
  3. Select the amount shown on the monitor (5000/-, 10000/-, 15000/-, 20000/-).
  4. If you want to withdraw another amount, please select the other amount.
  5. Input your desired amount.
  6. Select “Press correct/incorrect.”
  7. Select Credit account for Credit Card and Primary account/Savings account for Debit Card.
  8. Collect your Card, money, and receipt.
  9. If you do not get money from the ATM, please contact the Guard/Branch/Card Management Department before leaving the ATM booth.

Cash Deposit, Withdrawal & Transaction:

  • Money can be deposited in any branch of Janata Bank Limited.
  • Per transaction maximum Tk 20,000/-
  • Per day maximum cash withdrawal Tk 40,000/- by Debit Card and Tk 20,000/- by Credit Card.
  • Per day maximum 4 withdrawals.

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Procedure: Charge/Fees including VAT

NPSB Member Bank

  • Per Cash Withdraw: Tk.15.00
  • Balance Inquiry: Tk.5.00
  • Mini Statement: Tk.5.00

Qcash member Bank

  • Per Cash Withdraw: Tk. 11.50
  • Balance Inquiry: Tk. 0.00
  • Mini Statement: Tk. 0.00

*Above fees are applicable according to Bangladesh Bank PSD Circular letter:01/2015, Date: 20/01/2015.

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