Dutch Bangla Bank VIP Banking

Dutch Bangla Bank VIP Banking

Dutch-Bangla Bank elevates your banking experience with VIP Banking. Dutch Bangla Bank VIP Banking exclusive program provides a personalized suite of services, benefits, and financial solutions designed to meet your unique needs. As a VIP client, you’ll benefit from a dedicated Relationship Manager who provides attentive guidance and support. Dutch-Bangla Bank’s VIP Banking fosters a strong relationship built on convenience, exclusivity, and exceptional service.

VIP Banking Facilities

Airport Meet & Greet Services:
Enjoy meet & greet services when traveling abroad from:

  • Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka
  • Osmani International Airport, Sylhet

Airport Balaka Lounge:
Experience unlimited access to the Balaka Lounge at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka.

Banking Facilities:
Access state-of-the-art banking services from our VIP lounges, including:

  • Dedicated relationship managers
  • An attractive welcome pack
  • Receive a VIP Banking Nexus Card in a special welcome pack for free
  • Get a 2FA hardware token for ecommerce transactions for free
  • Enjoy personalized banking services
  • Benefit from an ATM withdrawal limit of up to BDT 1,00,000.00 per day
  • Earn Debit Card Reward Points: for every BDT 50 spent, receive 1.0 point
  • Receive a 50% waiver on fees and charges for credit card and retail loan facilities
  • Enjoy a 50% waiver on the annual fee for locker services facilities.

VIP Banking Eligibility Criteria

General CriteriaBalance Criteria
CASA/SND/Power/Sole Proprietorship deposit or a combination of deposits of all or any mentioned accounts under the same CIFBDT 25,00,000.00
TD DepositBDT 50,00,000.00
Power AC Deposit [As Credit Salary]BDT 3,00,000.00
Mixed Deposit [Consisting 100% of CASA deposit of individual and/or sole proprietorship (Current, Savings, SND, Power) plus 50% of Term Deposit in the same name]BDT 25,00,000.00

Dutch Bangla Bank VIP Banking Schedule of Charges

Account Maintenance (half yearly)BDT 100.00 – BDT 300.00Free
Account StatementBDT 100.00 – BDT 200.00Free
Balance Confirmation / Solvency CertificateBDT 100.00 – BDT 500.00Free
Cheque bookBDT 5.00 per LeafFree
ATM / Debit Card (annually)BDT 400.00Free
ATM Network (annually)BDT 200.00Free
Debit Card ReplacementBDT 400.00Free
Issuance of Payment OrderBDT 50.00 – BDT 100.00Free
Inter-zone Fund TransferBDT 100.00 – BDT 500.00Free
Standing InstructionBDT 100.00Free
Passport EndorsementBDT 100.00 – BDT 300.00Free
Internet BankingFreeFree
Certificate related to Credit Card & Retail Loan facilitiesBDT 100.00 – BDT 500.00Free
Credit Card and Retail Loan facilities0.5% to 1% or BDT 1,000.00 whichever is higher50% waiver
Locker Services (annually)
SmallBDT 5,000.0050% waiver
MediumBDT 7,000.0050% waiver
LargeBDT 10,000.0050% waiver

Discover our VIP Banking Lounge/Zone locations across Bangladesh

Gulshan VIP Lounge:

  • Address: The Grand Delvistaa (Ground Floor), CES (A), Road 113, Gulshan 1, Dhaka 1212
  • Relationship Manager: Mr. Md. Iftekharul Haque
  • Contact No: +88 01847278115

Gulshan Circle-1 VIP Lounge:

  • Address: Bay’s 23 (1st Floor), Gulshan Avenue, Plot 6, Block SW (I), Gulshan Model Town, Dhaka 1212
  • Relationship Manager: Mr. Mohammad Sheikh Jalal Uddin
  • Contact No: +88 01716659415

Uttara VIP Lounge:

  • Address: Plot 7 (5th Floor), Road 7, Sector 4, Uttara Residential Area, Dhaka 1230
  • Relationship Manager: Mr. Md. Masud Rana
  • Contact No: +88 01718540398

Satmasjid Road VIP Lounge:

  • Address: House 47 (1st Floor), Road 9/A, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka
  • Relationship Manager: Mr. Mohammad Faysal Haque
  • Contact No: +88 01717386028

Banani VIP Lounge:

  • Address: Borak Mehnur (1st Floor), 51/B, Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani Dhaka
  • Relationship Manager: Mr. Md. Mehedi Hasan
  • Contact No: +88 01938801759

…and so on for the other locations mentioned.

Frequently Asked Questions on VIP Banking

Q: What is VIP banking?
A: VIP Banking is a segment dedicated for the bank’s High Net-Worth customers, offering a thoughtful bouquet of exclusive services, benefits, and banking solutions.

Q: I have a DBBL account, can I apply for VIP banking?
A: Yes, you can apply by fulfilling VIP criteria.

Q: I have no account with DBBL, can I apply for VIP banking?
A: Yes, you can apply by opening an account and fulfilling VIP criteria.

Q: What is Mixed Deposit in VIP Banking criteria?
A: Mixed Deposit is a combination of Savings Deposit and Fixed Deposit in the following ratio:

  • 100% of savings deposit + 50% of FDR in the same name.
    Example: Suppose Savings Deposit = BDT 10 lac & FDR = BDT 30 lac
    Mixed Deposit Calculation = BDT 10 lac (100% of Savings) + BDT 15 lac (50% of FDR) = BDT 25 lac, i.e., Eligible for VIP.

Q: I have a joint savings account. Can I apply?
A: Yes, but the account operating instruction must be “Anyone can operate”.

Q: Will VIP customers get a special VIP Card and Cheque Book?
A: Yes, VIP customers are entitled to a special VIP Nexus debit Card and Customized Cheque Book.

Q: Can both account holders in a Joint Account get a VIP card?
A: No, only one nominated person will get a VIP card, not both.

Q: Are Limited Company account holders eligible for a VIP Card?
A: Not under the company name. Eligibility is only under a personal name subject to fulfilling the criterion.

Q: Are Sole Proprietorship account holders eligible for a VIP Card?
A: Yes, provided they fulfill the criterion.

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