IBBL Visa Khidmah Card Gold

If you’re on the lookout for a credit card that not only offers global usability but is also rooted in the principles of Shariah compliance, look no further than the IBBL Visa Khidmah Card (Gold). This remarkable card is designed based on the “Ujrah Concept,” a fixed fee-based model that ensures your financial transactions are in line with Islamic principles. With a host of features and benefits, the IBBL Visa Khidmah Card (Gold) is your key to a world of convenience and financial security.

The Ujrah Concept: A Shariah-Compliant Model

At IBBL (Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited), we believe in financial solutions that align with client values. That’s why the IBBL Visa Khidmah Card (Gold) is designed based on the “Ujrah Concept.” This concept is rooted in the idea of a fixed fee, ensuring that no interest or Riba is involved in your financial transactions. With this card, you can enjoy all the privileges of a credit card without compromising your ethical beliefs.

Key Features of the IBBL Visa Khidmah Card (Gold)

The IBBL Visa Khidmah Card (Gold) offers a range of features and benefits that cater to your financial needs. Here’s what you can expect when you become a cardholder:

  • Global Usage Privilege: Use your IBBL Visa Khidmah Card (Gold) worldwide, providing you with financial flexibility wherever you go.
  • No Buying Risk: Rest assured that there is no risk associated with your card usage. With the “Ujrah Concept” in place, you can make purchases with confidence.
  • Utility Bill Payments: Simplify your life by paying your gas, electricity, and WASA bills using your IBBL Visa Khidmah Card (Gold).

Understanding the Charges

Like any financial product, the IBBL Visa Khidmah Card (Gold) comes with a set of charges to ensure the card’s smooth operation and maintenance. Here is a breakdown of the charges associated with this card:

  1. Credit Limit: Card 2: Tk. 200,000/-, Card 1: Tk. 100,000/-
  2. Card Renewal Fee (annual): Tk 2,000
  3. Per Month Maintenance Fee (if outstanding balance is over Tk. 100): Tk. 1,000
  4. Late Payment Fee: Tk. 500
  5. Excess Limit Usage Fee: Tk. 500
  6. Card Replacement Fee: Tk. 400
  7. Issuance Fee: Free
  8. ATM/CRM Cash Withdrawal Fee: Tk. 170.00 per transaction
  9. SMS Charge: Tk. 200.00 per year
  10. Duplicate Statement Fee: Tk. 500
  11. Fund Transfer to IBBL A/C/Cellfin/NPSB/VISA: 0.70% of Transaction Amount
  12. Transfer for Funding through eCom: 0.50% of the Transaction Amount
  13. PIN Replacement Fee: Tk. 100

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – IBBL Visa Khidmah Card (Gold)

Q1: What is the IBBL Visa Khidmah Card (Gold)?
A1: The IBBL Visa Khidmah Card (Gold) is a Shariah-compliant credit card based on the “Ujrah Concept.” It offers global usability, a fixed fee-based structure, and a range of benefits for cardholders.

Q2: What is the credit limit for the IBBL Visa Khidmah Card (Gold)?
A2: The credit limit for Card 1 is Tk. 100,000/-, and for Card 2, it is Tk. 200,000/-.

Q3: Is there an annual renewal fee for the card?
A3: Yes, there is an annual card renewal fee of Tk. 2,000.

Q4: Are there monthly maintenance fees associated with the card?
A4: Yes, a monthly maintenance fee of Tk. 1,000 is applicable if the outstanding balance is over Tk. 100.

Q5: What happens if I make a late payment on my card?
A5: A late payment fee of Tk. 500 will be charged for late payments.

Q6: Is there a fee for exceeding the credit limit?
A6: Yes, an excess limit usage fee of Tk. 500 is charged for exceeding the credit limit.

Q7: What is the fee for card replacement?
A7: The card replacement fee is Tk. 400.

Q8: Is there an issuance fee for the card?
A8: No, the issuance fee for the IBBL Visa Khidmah Card (Gold) is free.

Q9: Are there fees for cash withdrawals from ATMs or CRMs?
A9: Yes, the fee for ATM/CRM cash withdrawals is Tk. 170.00 per transaction.

Q10: Do I need to pay for SMS notifications related to the card?
A10: Yes, there is an annual SMS charge of Tk. 200.00.

Q11: What is the fee for requesting a duplicate statement?
A11: The fee for a duplicate statement is Tk. 500.

Q12: How much is charged for fund transfers to IBBL accounts, Cellfin, NPSB, or VISA?
A12: The fee for fund transfers to IBBL A/C, Cellfin, NPSB, or VISA is 0.70% of the transaction amount.

Q13: What is the fee for transferring funds through eCom?
A13: The fee for fund transfer through eCom is 0.50% of the transaction amount.

Q14: How much is the PIN replacement fee?
A14: The PIN replacement fee is Tk. 100.

These FAQs provide concise answers to common questions about the IBBL Visa Khidmah Card (Gold). If you have any further inquiries or require more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.

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