IPDC Lease Finance for SME entrepreneurs

Discover IPDC’s specialized financing solutions designed for small and medium businesses in manufacturing, trading, and service-oriented sectors. From asset procurement to flexible tenure and repayment options, explore how we support entities with over 3 years of experience, including proprietorships, partnerships, private, and public limited companies.

Profile of a Potential Client

Small and medium-sized firms (SMEs) in the manufacturing, trading, and service industries are our focus at IPDC. Our customized financial solutions are intended for organizations that have been in operation for more than three years and are classified as partnerships, proprietorships, private limited companies, or public limited corporations.

Asset Procurement for Growth

If you’re seeking to acquire essential assets like vehicles or equipment to enhance your business operations, IPDC offers structured financing solutions to suit your needs. We understand the importance of acquiring assets for business growth and offer convenient financing options.

Facility Tenure

Our financing solutions come with a minimum tenure of 12 months and a preferable maximum of 60 months. This flexibility allows for businesses to plan their repayment according to their financial strategies.

Flexible Repayment Options

Repayment of the facility is adaptable to your business’s cash flow. You can opt for monthly equal installments or structured payments aligned with your business’s financial inflow. This flexibility ensures that the repayment process aligns with your business’s financial cycles.

Security Measures

At IPDC, we prioritize your security. The ownership of the leased assets serves as primary security. Additionally, we can ensure additional security through personal guarantees, post-dated cheques, or a single cheque covering the total finance amount. These measures provide reassurance and support to facilitate the financing process for your business.

At IPDC, we’re committed to empowering SMEs by offering flexible, tailored financial solutions that support growth and development. Contact us to explore how our financing options can propel your business forward.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for IPDC Lease Finance

Q: What types of businesses does IPDC cater to?
A: IPDC serves small and medium enterprises (SMEs) involved in manufacturing, trading, and service-oriented businesses.

Q: What experience does a business need to qualify for IPDC’s services?
A: Businesses should have a minimum of 3 years of operational experience.

Q: What types of entities does IPDC offer services to?
A: IPDC caters to Proprietorships, Partnerships, Private Limited Companies, and Public Limited Companies.

Q: What can I procure using IPDC’s financing?
A: Our financing options facilitate the procurement of assets like vehicles or equipment crucial for business growth.

Q: What is the tenure for IPDC’s financing facilities?
A: The tenure ranges from a minimum of 12 months to a preferable maximum of 60 months.

Q: What are the repayment options available?
A: Repayment can be structured either through monthly equal installments or based on the business’s cash flow.

Q: What serves as security for the financing?
A: The ownership of the leased assets is the primary security. Additional security may include personal guarantees, post-dated cheques, or a single cheque covering the total finance amount.

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