Jamuna Bank Payroll Banking

Jamuna Bank’s Payroll Banking is a comprehensive platform designed for multinational corporations, large corporate entities, and organizations of all sizes, providing effortless payroll service management with just a few clicks. It caters not only to the organizations but also to their employees, offering a diverse range of personal banking services. These services include Payroll Accounts, Debit Cards, and Credit Cards, along with a unique package of retail loan products and other financial services, all available at preferential prices.

Key Features of Payroll Account:

  • It’s a standard bank account used for salary deposit, with the option for other fund deposits and availing overdraft (OD) facility against Earned Salary.
  • Interest is calculated on the daily Credit/Debit balance in the account.
  • Accessible through Mobile Wallet, Internet Banking, and Apps.
  • Includes Debit Card, Cheque Book, and Internet banking service.
  • Eligible for Credit Card as per existing rules.
  • Provides SMS Alert & Call Center facility.
  • Offers fund transfer or payments facility through BEFTN, RTGS, and MFS.
  • Allows for generating and downloading transaction reports from Mobile wallet/Apps.
  • Provides Online Cheque requisition and Positive Pay Instruction for Issued Cheques.
  • Enables real-time Transaction Monitoring and Payments to Payroll Account and Card.
  • Offers a secure web-based upload solution with a security device (OTP) to execute transactions.


Organization criteria:

  • Open to any Multinational Companies, Large Corporate Houses, Local/Foreign NGOs, Small and Medium Enterprises/Institutions (Proprietorship, Partnership & Limited Company), Schools, Colleges, Clubs, Societies, Local Authorities, and other organizations operating in Bangladesh.
  • Requires at least 10 accounts to be enrolled by staff/employees.

Employee criteria:

  • Open to adult Bangladeshi and/or foreigners with valid VISA and work permit in Bangladesh.
  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.


Organization Benefits:

  • Provides a dedicated Payroll Support team to handle inquiries and complaints.
  • Offers automated Salary and Allowance disbursement.
  • No processing fee or salary transfer charge.
  • Option for opening Employee’s PF Account under company name or individual staff name.
  • Priority Banking service.

Individual Benefit:

  • Allows zero balance account opening.
  • No minimum account balance required.
  • Waiver on account maintenance Fee.
  • Provides free online banking services.
  • Easy access to account and transactions through digital wallet.
  • Offers unlimited transactions & E-Statement facility.
  • Waiver on Debit Card & Cheque Book issue Fee.
  • Waiver on Credit Card Annual Fee.
  • Provides preferential interest rates and processing fee on Retail Loans.
  • Countrywide connectivity by NPSB to meet the financial service needs of diverse client base.
  • Offers special training on financial literacy and free financial advisory service.

FAQs on Jamuna Bank Payroll Banking

Q: What is Payroll Banking offered by Jamuna Bank?
A: Payroll Banking by Jamuna Bank is a comprehensive platform designed to manage payroll services efficiently for multinational corporations, large corporate entities, and organizations of all sizes.

Q: Who can benefit from Jamuna Bank’s Payroll Banking?
A: Both organizations and their employees can benefit from Jamuna Bank’s Payroll Banking services.

Q: What services are included in Jamuna Bank’s Payroll Banking package?
A: Jamuna Bank’s Payroll Banking package includes Payroll Accounts, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and a unique range of retail loan products and financial services.

Q: What are the advantages of using Jamuna Bank’s Payroll Banking for organizations?
A: Organizations can enjoy streamlined payroll management processes, preferential pricing, and dedicated support from Jamuna Bank’s Payroll Banking team.

Q: Can employees access personal banking services through Jamuna Bank’s Payroll Banking?
A: Yes, employees can access various personal banking services, including Payroll Accounts, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and retail loan products, through Jamuna Bank’s Payroll Banking platform.

Q: Are there any special benefits for employees using Jamuna Bank’s Payroll Banking?
A: Yes, employees can benefit from preferential pricing, waived fees on certain services, and access to a range of financial products tailored to their needs.

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