Janata Bank Janata Care Health Service Loan

Janata Bank Health Service loan can usually be used for medical bills or health care expenses for urgent needs and expenses such as certain surgeries. A customer can take all these services through his life insurance if he wants, but he has to pay the premium installment of the insurance in advance.

What is a Janata Care Health Service Loan?

A medical loan is a type of personal loan that provides financial coverage for medical emergencies. Medical loans can be used for your medical expenses like hospitalization bills, medical prescription bills, surgery, bypass surgery, chemotherapy, and other similar treatments through this loan.

In an emergency medical situation, you can take a medical loan for medical expenses you may have to incur. Healthcare has also become a very easy day and not everyone can afford a health insurance plan that protects them from all medical uncertainties in their life. In these difficult times, a medical loan can play a very important role for you.

Janata Care Health Service Loan charge or Fee

  • Loan Application fee: Nil
  • Loan processing fee:
    • Up to BDT 50 lac for approved loan 0.50% but not more than BDT 15000
    • Above 50 lacs for approved loan 0.30% but not more than BDT 20000z
  • Loan Documentation fee: At actual

Janata Care Health Service Loan features

  • Loan Limit Excluding common interest: Maximum BDT 2 lac
  • With collateral: Maximum of BDT 10 lac
  • Rate of interest:  11% (as per the latest circular regarding variable rate of interest)
  • Installment Type: Monthly
  • Period of loan: Maximum 5 years (60 installments).

Janata Care Health Service Loan Eligibility

  • Loan borrowers should be Executives/ Officials/ Employees working in various Government, Semi-Government, Autonomous Bodies, Banks, Financial Institutions (NBFI), Multinational Companies
  • At least 2 years should be working and a permanent job in the same organization
  • Borrower’s monthly net salary (Take home pay) should be a minimum BDT 25000.

Janata Care Health Service Loan Security

  • The borrower’s personal guarantee should be taken for repayment of the loan with a proper stamp
  • Borrower’s spouse/ parents/ siblings/ minor children or a primary school/ high school/ college/ university teacher, postmaster, doctor, or official working in a government semi-government or autonomous institution permanently residing in the concerned area as a guarantee for repayment of the loan. A third-party guarantee should be obtained from nearby
  • A check equal to the number of installments of the loan plus 1 more shall be received from the borrower’s savings account
  • The instructions laid down in paragraph 17 of the 8th Edition of the Loan Sanctioning Powers Rules shall be followed.

Required common documents for the applicant

Common Documents for all:

  • Completed KYC form and signed by the applicant
  • Passport size color photograph
  • National ID/ Smart Home
  • Bank Statement last six months
  • Copy of utility bill
  • e-TIN/ TIN certificate/ copy of Income Tax acknowledgment
Self-employed and businessman
  • Photocopy of the latest trade license
  • Latest 12 months Home or Business bank statement
  • Partnership Deed (Registered/ Notarized)
  • Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation

For Salaried Individuals:

  • LOI on official letterhead with proper Salary breakdown (signed by Manager Branch/Accounts/HR/Admin/Finance) or Pay slip stating Company Name
  • Cash Voucher/ pay slip
  • Office ID
  • Latest 6 (six) months original bank statement

FAQs on Janata Bank Janata Care Health Service Loan

What is a medical loan?

A medical loan is a type of personal loan that is collateral-free and can be used for health-related emergency services or operations, medical, accident, or any health-related need.

What is the interest rate of a medical loan by Janata Bank?

The interest rate on medical loans is 9.0% per annum. Interest will be charged only on the principal used by you.

Can I take a loan for medical expenses?

Yes, you can take this personal loan to meet your medical expenses.

How do I apply for Janata Bank Health Service Loan?

Apply for a medical loan from Janata Bank and fill in the required information to open an account. After initial approval, submit KYC documents and once all documents are verified, the loan amount will be transferred to your bank account.

More information Janata Bank Health Service Loan: https://www.jb.com.bd/

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