LankaBangla Finance Personal Loan

LankaBangla Finance Personal Loan will help you meet your needs and help strengthen your economic infrastructure.

What is LankaBangla Finance Personal Loan?

A safe and comfortable lifestyle requires having a safety plan to deal with unplanned/immediate needs at any time. Usually, we continue living in an unplanned way and if someone thinks about the upcoming problems and saves some money in a planned way, then we don’t rush in times of danger. So, we sometimes run late, if someone is late then it becomes important to take a loan from various financial institutions. Today we present information about LankaBangla Finance Personal Loan which will help you with your instant personal loan to meet the needs of these challenging times.

LankaBangla Finance Personal Loan basic

Interest Rate11.00%
Loan AmountUp to BDT. 25 lac
Loan TenureMinimum 12 to 60 months

Features and Benefits of LankaBangla Finance Personal Loan

  • Highest loan ceiling in the market, BDT 25 Lac
  • Highest Loan tenure up to 60 months
  • Top Up Loan facility
  • No hidden cost and Loan A/C statement
  • Tax certificate free of charge
  • Partial Disbursement Option
  • Partial prepayment option
  • Life Insurance Coverage

Eligibility Criteria for LankaBangla Finance Personal Loan

Here are the eligibility criteria for the loan:

  • Age between 25 years to 65 years
  • Minimum monthly Income of BDT 30,000
  • Minimum one year of Bank A/C relationship with any scheduled bank of Bangladesh
  • Having 1-year professional experience for salaried employees & 3 years for contractual employee
  • Joint application can be possible
  • Permanent employees of Multinational organizations, Banks, FI’s, UN bodies, Government and Semi-Government Organizations, Reputed Bangla & English Medium schools, colleges & universities, Locally established Large Companies, Professionals, Landlords/Landlady.

Required Documents to apply for LankaBangla Finance Personal Loan

Here are the documents you need to submit when applying for a personal loan from LankaBangla Finance:

Common documents

  • Application Form duly filled up and signed
  • Recent Studio Photographs of Applicant & guarantor(s)
  • Valid NID of Applicant and Guarantor(s) (National ID/Passport/Driving License)
  • TIN Certificate along with IT10-B (if required)
  • Bank statement for the last 12 (Twelve) months
  • Copy of bill – Electricity / WASA / GAS/ Land Phone (If applicable)

Salaried documents

  • Salary Certificate (in the form of a Letter of Introduction)
  • Pay Slip/Debit Voucher
  • Asset-Liability Statement

Documents for Businessman or Self Employed

  • Trade License
  • Income Statement
  • Professional certificate
  • Asset-Liability Statement

Finally, We have to live our lives to the fullest and grow economically to be strong. Lankabangla believes that to manage the economy in the right way, we often have to face loans. In this regard, Lankabangla wants to be the right partner for you by providing suitable personal loan products that will help you meet your needs.

FAQs: LankaBangla Finance Personal Loan

Q1: How do I apply for a LankaBangla Finance personal loan?
A: You can apply for a LankaBangla Finance personal loan by visiting the official website of the bank, visiting the nearest branch, or applying online.

Q2: What is loan security for LankaBangla Finance personal loans?
A: Loan security includes postdated cheques and two personal guarantees, one from a family member and one from a colleague/doctor/landlord/banker/government employee/professional.

Q3: Can we get tax benefits in personal loans from LankaBangla Finance?
A: Yes, depending on the purpose for which you took the loan, you may be eligible for tax benefits on your personal loan.

Q4: What is the payment mode for LankaBangla Finance personal loans?
A: Payment is made on an equal monthly installment basis for up to 60 months.

Q5: How can I foreclose my LankaBangla Finance personal loan?
A: To foreclose a LankaBangla Finance personal loan, request a foreclosure statement from the nearest loan center. Once submitted, the bank will process your request accordingly.

Q6: How can I check the status of my LankaBangla Finance personal loan?
A: You can check the status of your personal loan by calling LankaBangla Finance’s contact number at +8802 9883701-10, using their online platform, or by visiting the bank branch.

Q7: How do I apply for a LankaBangla Finance personal loan?
A: You can collect the personal loan booklet from any branch of LankaBangla Finance and apply along with the required documents. For further details, send an email to or call at 16325.

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