MTB Personal Loan

MTB Personal Loan is the only solution to all your financial problems.

Are you looking to buy a new laptop? Thinking of enjoying a great vacation? Need financial assistance for your child’s higher education? Need to buy essential items for your home? Want to cover the cost of a wedding? MTB Personal Loan is the only solution to all your financial problems.

MTB Personal Loan is easy, convenient, and fast.

MTB Personal Loan Features

Loan amountBDT 50,000 to BDT 20,000,000
Repayment Flexible repayment options for 6 to 60 months
Ability to prepay the loan before maturity
Hidden chargesNo hidden charges
InterestCompetitive interest rates
ProcessingEasy documentation and quick processing

    MTB Personal Loan Eligibility

    • Age: Minimum 21 years and maximum 65 years or date of retirement, whichever is closer to the loan maturity.
    • Experience:
      • For salaried employees: 1 year and 6 months of continuous employment
      • For self-employed individuals: 1 year of practical experience
      • For business owners: 2 years of experience in the same business
    • Minimum monthly income:
      • For salaried government employees: BDT 18,000
      • For salaried employees with their salary account in MTB: BDT 20,000
      • For salaried employees with their salary account in other banks: BDT 30,000
      • For self-employed individuals: BDT 50,000
      • For business owners/landowners/landladies/other income earners: BDT 50,000

    Loan Balance Transfer and Takeover to MTB Personal Loan

    Customers who are enjoying an EMI-based personal loan with other banks can avail the loan balance transfer facility.


    • Must have paid at least 6 EMIs with the existing bank
    • Minimum takeover loan amount: BDT 200,000 and maximum BDT 20,000,000

    Benefits of the takeover plan:

    • No processing fee for loan takeover and balance transfer
    • Approved loan amount may be higher than the takeover loan amount

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