National Board of Revenue (NBR) Reveals Top Taxpayer List

The National Board of Revenue (NBR) has recently disclosed a list of the top taxpayers, acknowledging and awarding excellence in three categories: Production, Business, and Service. The prestigious awards will be conferred upon three outstanding entities in each of these sectors. This announcement was made by NBR’s Tax Division on Wednesday, November 29, 2023.

NBR has been consistently recognizing and honoring top taxpayers for several years. For the fiscal year 2021-22, the highest contributors to VAT payments have been selected for special acknowledgment.

Awardees in Each Category:

Production Category:

  • Olympic Industries Limited
  • UniMed UniHealth Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • General Pharmaceuticals Limited

Business Category:

  • Walton Plaza in Gazipur
  • Unimart Limited in Gulshan
  • Hamko Corporation Limited

Service Category:

  • bKash Limited
  • Brac-Aarong
  • Nagad Limited

It’s worth noting that organizations with an Electronic Business Identification Number (eBIN) engaged in regular VAT payment and providing regular VAT receipts to consumers, similar to the procedures for government treasuries, were considered for these prestigious awards.

Apart from these, 138 establishments at the district level are also set to receive accolades for their exemplary contributions as top taxpayers.

This initiative not only celebrates the economic endeavors of these entities but also emphasizes the importance of regular VAT compliance and contributions to government funds. The recognition serves as an encouragement for businesses to uphold high standards of tax responsibility.

As the nation gears up for National VAT Day on December 10th, these awards spotlight the pivotal role that responsible taxpayers play in supporting the country’s fiscal health. The acknowledgment extends beyond just fiscal achievements, emphasizing the integral role of these organizations in the economic landscape of Bangladesh.

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