Q-CASH Payment Gateway: Nationwide Coverage

Q-CASH offers a comprehensive range of electronic payment and transaction services, covering the entire nation with its network of 37 banks. In the dynamic landscape of electronic payment systems, Q-CASH provides banks and retailers with cutting-edge infrastructure for online transaction processing and settlement. It boasts the largest independent ATM and merchant network in Bangladesh, facilitating transactions with all major international and domestic cards.

Key Features:

  1. Payment System Processor: Q-CASH serves as a robust processor for various payment systems, ensuring seamless transactions.
  2. Online Transaction Processing: Facilitating secure and efficient processing of online transactions for banks and retailers.
  3. Interbank Domestic Transaction Settlement: Q-CASH enables smooth settlement of domestic transactions between different banks.
  4. ATM Network and POS Network: Operating a widespread network of ATMs and point-of-sale terminals for convenient transactions.
  5. Card Management Software: Providing advanced software solutions for efficient management of credit and debit cards.
  6. KIOSK: Offering self-service kiosks for enhanced convenience in financial transactions.
  7. E-Commerce and M-Commerce: Enabling secure electronic and mobile commerce transactions for businesses and consumers.
  8. MFS (Mobile Financial Services): Facilitating financial transactions through mobile devices, promoting financial inclusion.
  9. Financial Inclusion for Urban & Rural Unbanked Population: Empowering both urban and rural populations with access to banking services.
  10. Postal Cash Card & EFT: Providing solutions for postal cash cards and electronic fund transfers.
  11. Government Online Revenue Collection Processing & Settlement: Supporting government agencies in processing and settling online revenue collections securely.
  12. Internet Banking: Offering internet banking services for convenient access to financial services.
  13. Data Storage: Ensuring secure and reliable storage of transaction data.

Q-CASH is committed to advancing the electronic transaction processing capacity in Bangladesh and offers a suite of integrated retail banking products, including ATM management, POS and merchant systems, credit and debit card systems, and an exclusive Islamic Credit Card Management system. Its comprehensive services cater to the evolving needs of the modern banking and retail landscape, driving financial inclusion and digital transformation in the country.

FAQs on Q-CASH Payment Gateway

Q: What services does Q-CASH offer?
A: Q-CASH offers a comprehensive range of electronic payment and transaction services, including online transaction processing, ATM and POS network management, card management software, mobile and e-commerce solutions, and financial inclusion initiatives.

Q: How many banks does Q-CASH collaborate with?
A: Q-CASH collaborates with 37 banks to provide nationwide coverage for its electronic payment and transaction services.

Q: What types of cards does Q-CASH accept?
A: Q-CASH accepts all major international and domestic cards, ensuring convenience for users and retailers alike.

Q: What is Q-CASH’s role in financial inclusion?
A: Q-CASH is committed to financial inclusion by providing services tailored to urban and rural unbanked populations, promoting accessibility to banking services for all segments of society.

Q: How does Q-CASH support government agencies?
A: Q-CASH supports government agencies in processing and settling online revenue collections securely, contributing to efficient government revenue management.

Q: What technologies does Q-CASH employ for transaction processing?
A: Q-CASH utilizes advanced technologies for online transaction processing, including secure data storage, internet banking solutions, and mobile financial services.

Q: Does Q-CASH offer customer support services?
A: Yes, Q-CASH provides customer support services to address inquiries and resolve issues related to electronic payment and transaction processing.

Q: What sets Q-CASH apart from other payment gateway providers?
A: Q-CASH distinguishes itself through its extensive network coverage, advanced infrastructure, and commitment to financial inclusion, catering to the diverse needs of banks, retailers, and consumers in Bangladesh.

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