Rupali Bank Limited CASME loan

Shohoj Rin provides loan for cottage & manufacturing based activities.

A manufacturing loan is a loan required for a project which is all for the project logistics is used to fill the gap; Inventory, employees, etc

Generally, manufacturing wins a project and then plans to start the project. The manufacturing companies need funds to purchase materials and hire employees to maintain production and demand with uncertainty about when payments will be made from a signed contract.

Rupali Bank provides Manufacturing Loans for cottage & manufacturing-based activities.

Loan Details

Loan amount:Maximum BDT 10 lac
Interest Rates9.00% (Variable)
Loan TenorFor a term loan Maximum 48 months
Early Settlement FeesNot needed

key Features of Rupali Bank Limited CASME loan

  • Loan amount: Loan maximum BDT 10 lac
  • Loan Tenor: For term loan Maximum 48 months (installment monthly/ quarterly)
  • Loan Tenor: For continuous loan as for Bank Rules
  • Interest Rates: 9.00% (Variable)
  • Security: Personal guarantee and third-party guarantee as acceptable to the bank of a well-to-do person against loans up to BDT 0.50 lac
  • Security: Auxiliary collateral real state (1:1) needed in case of loan more than BDT 0.50 lac.

Eligibility of the loan

  • Root Level Citizens in Bangladesh
  • This loan facility is from a privately owned or partnership organization.

Fees and Charges

  • Application fees: BDT 200
  • Documentation Fees, CIB charges, Stamp charges, And Legal and Valuation Fees are recoverable at the actual amount
  • Early Settlement Fee: Nil.

Required Documents (Common):

  • Copy of National ID of Applicant/ Guarantor
  • 2 Copies of a recent passport-size photograph
  • Copy of Income Tax Certificate/ Tax Return/ Tax Acknowledgement Receipt of the applicant
  • Bank Statement of at least 12 months
  • Property-related documents (if necessary)
  • For a salaried person, Salary Certificate from the competent authority
  • For businessman/ self-employed individual, trade license & other related papers for last 03 years.

If they need the necessary documents for manufacturing or cottage loans, they will ask for them from the bank.

FAQs: Rupali Bank Shohoj Rin (Easy Loan)

Q1: What is the maximum loan amount of Rupali Bank Shohoj Rin?
A: The maximum loan amount is BDT 10 lakh.

Q2: What is the maximum time for loan repayment?
A: The maximum repayment period is 48 months.

Q3: Who can take this loan?
A: Root Level Citizens in Bangladesh are eligible to apply for this loan.

Q4: Is there any fee to apply for the loan?
A: Yes, there is an application fee.

Q5: How much is the Rupali Bank manufacturing loan application fee?
A: The application fee is BDT 200 for a single application.

Q6: Is there any fee applicable for loan repayment in advance?
A: No, advance repayment does not incur any fees.

Q7: Where can I contact for the Rupali Bank Shohoj Rin (loan)?
A: You can visit any branch of Rupali Bank, and the application will be processed if the branch is nearest to you.

Q8: What is the contact address of Rupali Bank Head Office?
Rupali Bank Limited,
34 Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka-1000
Phone: +88-02-9555094
Fax: +88-02-9564148, +88-02-9552671

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