SBAC Bank Limited

SBAC Bank, a dynamic player in Bangladesh’s financial landscape, stands as a shining example of a 4th Generation Private Commercial Bank. Since its inception in April 2013, SBAC Bank has unwaveringly pursued a vision to become the most customer-friendly and trustworthy bank in the country.

Under the stewardship of exceptionally qualified leaders, fortified by a robust capital base, and propelled by a highly skilled workforce, SBAC Bank has emerged as a provider of a diverse range of financial solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of its customers. The bank caters to a broad spectrum of customer segments, including Large and Mid-Corporates, SMEs, Agriculture, and Retail Businesses.

SBAC Bank hasn’t simply existed; it has thrived as an active contributor to the advancement of the banking industry in Bangladesh. The bank’s proactive involvement in various initiatives has played a pivotal role in making the industry more resilient, effective, and efficient. As one of the nation’s rapidly ascending banks, SBAC Bank introduces innovative financial solutions and modern technology-based products and services for both businesses and individuals. Moreover, the bank extends its offerings to encompass Shariah-compliant Islamic Banking products and services, catering to a broader clientele.

SBAC Bank Products

Product TypeProduct Name
DepositCurrent Deposit Account
Savings Bank Account
Privileged Savings Deposit
Senior Citizen Deposit
Students Savings Deposit
Short Noticed Deposit Account
Foreign Currency Account
LoansCorporate Financing
Retail Financing
CMSME Financing
Agri Financing
Stimulus Package Under COVID-19
Refinance Agreement with Bangladesh Bank
CardsSBAC VISA Debit Card
SBAC VISA Classic Credit Card
SBAC VISA Gold Credit Card
SBAC VISA Platinum Credit Card

Bank Network

As of November 2023SBAC Bank Network
Islamic Banking Windows10
Agent Outlets26
Service Availability24/7

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about SBAC Bank

1. What is SBAC Bank, and when did it start its operations?

  • SBAC Bank is one of the 4th Generation Private Commercial Banks in Bangladesh. It began its journey in April 2013.

2. What is the vision of SBAC Bank?

  • The bank’s vision is to be the most customer-friendly and trustworthy bank in the country.

3. What types of financial services does SBAC Bank offer?

  • SBAC Bank offers a wide range of financial services to customer segments, including Large and Mid-Corporates, SME, Agriculture, and Retail Businesses.

4. Does SBAC Bank provide Islamic banking products and services?

  • Yes, in addition to conventional banking, SBAC Bank also offers Shariah-compliant Islamic banking products and services.

5. What is the current branch and ATM network of SBAC Bank as of November 2023?

  • As of November 2023, SBAC Bank has an extensive network of 88 Branches, 25 Sub-Branches, 62 ATMs, 10 Islamic Banking Windows, and 26 Agent Outlets across the country.

6. What are the core values and commitments of SBAC Bank?

  • The bank is committed to maintaining a Compliance Culture, Client Focus, Hard Work, Transparency, Integrity, Innovation, Teamwork, and Respect for the Individual.

7. What is SBAC Bank’s management philosophy?

  • The bank’s management philosophy includes growing together with customers, contributing to the national and global community through their business, developing human resources, maintaining a sound corporate culture based on high ethics and fairness, and taking care of people and the planet.

8. Can you provide some of the key milestones in SBAC Bank’s history?

  • Some key milestones include obtaining a trading license, launching the Islamic banking window, introducing app-based banking ‘Banglapay,’ and establishing the SBAC Bank Foundation, among others.

9. When did SBAC Bank receive its license to operate and what is its history of expansion?

  • SBAC Bank received its license on March 25, 2013. Since then, it has achieved various milestones, including obtaining licenses for different operations, launching new services, and expanding its presence.

10. What awards and recognitions has SBAC Bank received?

  • SBAC Bank has received awards such as the Patel Award from Sardar Patel Trust in Gujarat, India, and a Letter of Appreciation from Bangladesh Bank. These recognitions highlight the bank’s commitment to excellence.

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