SCB Exclusive Ramadan Deals for Cardholders

Standard Chartered Bank Announces Exclusive Ramadan Deals for Cardholders

Standard Chartered Bank in Bangladesh has unveiled a range of exclusive deals and offers for cardholders to elevate the festive spirit during Ramadan, as per a press release issued on March 10, 2024. To promote the benefits of cashless transactions and improve customer convenience, Standard Chartered’s Ramadan deals and offers are open to all debit and credit cardholders.

This Ramadan, the bank takes pride in presenting the best exclusive offers, deals, and discounts on iftar, dinner, and sehri meals at both international and local hotels and eateries. Customers can enjoy up to a 50% discount when shopping for lifestyle goods and up to 30% off on beauty and personal care purchases.

These exciting discounts cover clothing, accessories, jewelry, and self-care products, allowing customers to prepare for celebrations with their loved ones. Moreover, offers on gadgets, home appliances, furniture, and other electronics enable individuals to engage in home improvements and upgrades.

Customers can also benefit from enticing offers on resorts, hotels, airlines, and online travel agency services. Additionally, discounts are available with online/e-commerce partners, facilitating convenient shopping from the comfort of home.

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