Sonali Bank PLC Digital Banking

Sonali Bank PLC Digital Banking is a modern and most networked service provider. Manage your finances from anywhere in Bangladesh with Sonali Bank’s secure mobile apps. Sonali e-Wallet lets you transfer funds, pay bills, and more. Sonali eSheba offers account opening, bill payments, and other banking services.

Sonali e-Wallet

Sonali e-Wallet stands as the flagship Smart Banking Mobile App by Sonali Bank Limited, Bangladesh’s largest state-owned commercial bank. Aligned with the national agenda of “Digital Bangladesh,” Sonali Bank endeavors to enhance its automation initiatives, ensuring operational excellence, and meeting customer expectations through superior service delivery.

Accessible globally, Sonali e-Wallet facilitates domestic transactions seamlessly. This dynamic app caters to daily financial needs, including fund transfers, mobile airtime recharges, bill payments, credit card and DPS installment payments, among others. With features like transaction history, notifications, and a secure PIN-based authentication system, Sonali e-Wallet promises convenience and security. Click below links to download and install in your device.

Sonali eSheba

Sonali eSheba emerges as a pioneering Banking e-Service Mobile App by Sonali Bank Limited, offering banking services to Bangladeshis worldwide. Supporting a range of services from opening bank accounts to paying fees for various services like travel tax, e-passport, and educational admissions, Sonali eSheba reflects the bank’s commitment to digital transformation and customer-centricity.

Designed to meet the objectives of Digital Bangladesh, Sonali eSheba assures operational excellence and enhanced customer experiences. Its bilingual interface, OTP verification for account opening, and secure, reliable transactions make banking hassle-free and accessible. Click below links to download and install in your device.

Sonali Home

Sonali Home is an exclusive application tailored for Sonali Bank employees, providing vital colleague information. While publicly accessible, it requires authentication for Sonali Bank staff. The app aims to foster connectivity among employees by sharing details like contact information, blood groups, and branch specifics securely.

With search filters for easy colleague identification and branch-related details, Sonali Home streamlines internal communication and collaboration. Additionally, the provision of blood group information enhances workplace safety during emergencies, showcasing Sonali Bank’s commitment to employee welfare. Click below links to download and install in your device.

In essence, Sonali Bank’s suite of mobile apps epitomizes its dedication to innovation, customer satisfaction, and employee welfare. By leveraging technology, the bank continues to redefine banking experiences, making financial services more accessible, convenient, and secure for all.

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