Southeast Bank Remittance Services

Bangladesh takes great pride in its over ten million expatriates who serve as exemplary ambassadors of our culture across the globe. They are the embodiment of goodwill for our nation and play a vital role in bolstering our economy through remittances, which stand as the second-largest source of foreign exchange crucial for our economic development.

Southeast Bank has carved a notable reputation as a trusted brand among expatriates and their families, both at home and abroad. We are steadfastly committed to facilitating remittances by providing top-notch services to our esteemed beneficiaries, ensuring convenience and security.

Southeast Bank Service Commitments include

  1. Instant cash withdrawal from 1000+ branch centers of NGOs such as RDRS, Society for Social Services (SSS), Jagorani Chakra Foundation (JCF), and Rural Reconstruction Foundation (RRF).
  2. Quick and responsive customer services.
  3. Courteous service delivery.
  4. No service charges imposed on beneficiaries within Bangladesh.
  5. Swift and fair resolution of customer complaints.
  6. Strict privacy and confidentiality in all transactions.
  7. Education of customers about Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating Terrorist Financing (CTF).

SEBL offer a range of facilities for Non-Resident Bangladeshis and their Family Members, including:

  1. Opening of savings accounts.
  2. Opening of fixed deposits accounts.
  3. Access to the Wage Earners Pension Saving Scheme (WEPSS).
  4. Investment opportunities in Wage Earners Development Bonds, US Dollar Bonds, and US Dollar Investment Bonds.
  5. SMS alerts and Internet banking services.
  6. Remittance disbursement through mobile wallets.
  7. Dedicated “Customer Service and Complaint Management Desks” at every branch for dispute resolution.
  8. Assistance in finding the right products to meet customers’ financial needs.

Strengths of Southeast Bank Remittance Services

  1. Instant cash pick-up services from any Southeast Bank branch.
  2. Instant cash pick-up services available at SSS, JCF, RDRS Bangladesh, and 18 sub-agent banks.
  3. Real-time online account deposits for SEBL account holders.
  4. Real-time remittance fund deposits in My Remit Card.
  5. Cash withdrawal from any ATM booth.
  6. POS (Point of Sale) facility for My Remit Card.
  7. Deposits to any bank account within 12 hours under the EFTN (Electronic Fund Transfer Network) system.

SEBL Remittance Disbursement Network

  • SEBL Branches: 135
  • SEBL Sub-branches: 16
  • Branches of Sub-agent Banks: 2500+
  • Branch locations of Society for Social Services: 408
  • Branch locations of Jagorani Chakra Foundation: 410
  • Branch locations of RDRS Bangladesh: 140
  • Branch locations of RRFs Bangladesh: 170
  • Number of ATM booths: 15,000+ across the country
  • bKash wallets: 12 lakhs
  • Tele-cash wallets: 56,000

Southeast Bank is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and reliable remittance experience for all, contributing to the prosperity and well-being of our beloved nation.

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