Bangladesh Finance Retail Loan

Know about Bangladesh Finance Retail Loan. Bangladesh Finance is committed to fulfill your hopes, dreams and make your wishes come true. Feel the excitement of possibilities in travel, shopping, family development to meet your needs with Bangladesh Finance backed by trust and compassion. Every step towards a bright future with Bangladesh Finance Retail Loans is met with care and compassion. So welcome to Bangladesh Finance Retail Loans, a place where your ideas can be well known.

1. Auto Loan

Bangladesh Finance offerings a convenient auto loan solution tailored to meet the aspirations of its customers, enabling them to realize their goal of owning a personal or commercial vehicle. This auto loan facility encompasses the acquisition of both brand-new and reconditioned vehicles, catering to individual as well as business needs.

Loan Features

  • Loan eligibility extends up to 80% of the quoted price, at maximum.
  • Enjoy an appealing interest rate along with a seamless and efficient processing system.
  • Auto loans are available to both employed individuals and those running their own businesses, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations.
  • The loan duration extends up to 72 months.

2. Home Loan

Bangladesh Finance provides a convenient home loan solution to assist customers in achieving their aspiration of owning a home. This facility encompasses the purchase of apartments or houses, self-construction projects, renovation of existing properties, and the acquisition of commercial spaces and chambers for professionals.

Loan Features

  • The typical duration of a home loan is up to 15 years for resident individuals.
  • Applicants can request a loan for a maximum of 70% of the property’s value.
  • The choice for early settlement, whether in full or partially, is available.
  • Loans are granted against a registered mortgage and under a tripartite agreement.
  • Repayment schedules are designed in a structured manner to align with the business’s cash flow.
  • The moratorium period is determined based on the construction schedule.

3. Personal Loan

Bangladesh Finance provides a personal loan solution to assist clients in meeting their various emergency fund needs.

Loan Features

  • Repayment flexibility tailored to the borrower’s cash flow.
  • Streamlined documentation and approval processes for simplicity.
  • Option for early settlement, whether in full or partial, is permissible.

BD Finance Required Documents List

  • Proof of Identity (National ID card, Passport, Driver’s License, etc.)
  • Proof of Address (Utility bills, Rental agreement, etc.)
  • Proof of Income (Salary slips, Income tax returns, etc.)
  • Bank Statements (Last few months’ statements)
  • Passport-size Photographs
  • Loan Application Form (Provided by BD Finance)
  • Any additional documents as specified by BD Finance for specific loan types.

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