IBBL-VISA Khidmah Card -Platinum

IBBL-VISA Khidmah Card -Platinum

IBBL-VISA Khidmah Card Key Features

  • Shariah Compliant Card Based on “Ujrah Concept” (fixed fee-based)
  • Global usage privilege
  • No risk associated with buying
  • Payment of gas, electricity, and WASA bill

IBBL-VISA Khidmah Card Charges

Sl.Nature of ChargesPlatinum
1Credit LimitTk. 300,000/-
2Annual/Renewal FeeTk. 2,500
3Monthly Maintenance FeeTk. 1,500 (if outstanding balance is over Tk. 100)
4Late payment feeTk. 750
5Excess Limit usage feeTk 750
6Card Replacement FeeTk. 600
7Issuance feeFree
8ATM/CRM Cash Withdrawal FeeTk. 170.00 per transaction
9SMS ChargeTk. 200.00 per year
10Duplicate Statement FeeTk. 500
11Fund Transfer to IBBL A/C /Cellfin/ NPSB/VISA0.70% of Transaction Amount
12Transfer for Funding through eCom0.50% of the Transaction amount
13PIN Replacement FeeTk. 100.

IBBL-VISA Khidmah Card -Platinum Limits

  • Maximum limit: Tk. 300,000/-.
  • Actual limit will be sanctioned as per the following:
Type of IndividualLimit (up to)
Salaried Individual3 times of Gross Salary
Self Employed/Professional3 times of Gross Income
Business Individual/Other2 times of Net Income
Individual secured by deposit100% of security amount

IBBL-VISA Khidmah Card – Platinum Eligibility

Individual typeIncome requirementLength of service/practice
Salaried PersonMonthly Gross Salary 70,000/-3 Months with current organization.
Self Employed ProfessionalMonthly Gross Income 70,000/-1 Year
Business person / OtherMonthly Net Income 100,000/-1 year for IBBL investment/account relationship; 2 Years for Other Bank account relationship
Deposit clientTerm/scheme deposit balance 200,000/-


  • Income will be verified and determined by Bank official
  • Card-holder, however, may be allowed to use up to Tk. 5,000/- exceeding his/her sanctioned limit. Monthly over limit charge will be levied for such usage.

For more detailed information, please visit the Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited website or contact your nearest branch.

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