Bank Asia Start-up Term Loan

Bank Asia Start-up Term Loan Key Features

  • Tailored to meet financial requirements for working capital, advance payments for new business premises, business expansion, and the acquisition of fixed assets.
  • Personal guarantors accepted by both the bank and the community.
  • Eligible entities: Sole Proprietorship Entities, Partnership Businesses, and Private Limited Companies.

Bank Asia Start-up Term Loan Eligibility

  1. Involvement in entirely technology-based, innovative ventures.
  2. Possession of relevant technical education and/or skills.
  3. Successful completion of entrepreneurship training from an institution accredited by Bangladesh Bank or a competent authority.
  4. Full-time commitment to the initiative or endeavor.
  5. A valid Trade License.
  6. Fulfillment of any additional requirements as stipulated by the bank as needed.

Bank Asia Start-up Term Loan Loan Limits

  • Unsecured Term Loan: BDT 0.50 lakh to 20.00 lakh
  • Secured Term Loan: Above BDT 20.00 lakh to 1.00 crore

Interest Rate:

  • 4% per annum

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