IFIC Bank PLC: Your Trusted Financial Partner

IFIC Bank PLC is a banking company with limited liability, incorporated in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Our journey began in 1976 when we were established at the behest of the Government. Initially, we operated as a finance company with the vision of not only serving our nation but also venturing into the global arena by establishing joint venture banks and financial institutions.

In 1983, with the Government’s permission to allow private sector banks, IFIC Bank made a significant transformation into a full-fledged commercial bank. As we stand today, the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is a proud holder of 32.75% of our share capital.

Our strength lies in our diverse ownership. Sponsors and Directors, possessing extensive experience in trade and commerce, own 4.11% of our share capital. The remaining portion is held by a blend of both local and foreign institutions, as well as general shareholders. The Government’s active involvement is reflected in the appointment of three nominated Directors on our Board. Consequently, the present combined shareholding of our Sponsors and Directors amounts to 36.86% of the total outstanding share capital of IFIC Bank.


At IFIC, our vision is to become the foremost financial service provider by fostering innovation, promoting sustainability, embracing inclusivity, and delivering unparalleled value to all our stakeholders.

IFIC Bank Services

IFIC Personal Banking

IFIC Personal Banking refers to the banking services and solutions provided by IFIC Bank for individual customers. It encompasses a wide range of financial products and services tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals, offering convenience and personalized support for their banking and financial needs. These services typically include savings accounts, current accounts, fixed deposits, loans, credit cards, and various other financial solutions designed to help individuals manage their money and achieve their financial goals. IFIC Bank strives to offer a comprehensive suite of personal banking services to enhance the banking experience for its customers.

IFIC Bank Digital Platform for Banking

IFIC Bank offers a comprehensive digital platform for all your banking needs. With our digital banking services, you can conveniently manage your accounts, conduct transactions, and access a wide range of financial services from the comfort of your home or on the go. Whether you need to check your account balances, transfer funds, pay bills, or explore various banking products, IFIC Bank’s digital platform is designed to provide you with a seamless and secure banking experience. Enjoy the convenience of 24/7 access to your finances and take control of your banking with IFIC Bank’s digital solutions.

IFIC Bank Business Banking Service

IFIC Bank offers a comprehensive suite of business banking services to meet the diverse financial needs of businesses. These services are designed to provide support and financial solutions to companies, ranging from small enterprises to large corporations. Whether you require business accounts, loans, trade finance, or any other banking service, IFIC Bank has you covered. Our commitment is to help businesses thrive and succeed by providing them with the financial tools and support they need. Discover the range of business banking services at IFIC Bank and take your business to the next level.

IFIC Bank offers a diverse range of services, catering to various financial needs. These services include:

  1. Student Banking: Tailored solutions for students to manage their finances, providing convenience and support during their educational journey.
  2. Amar Bond: A specialized savings product designed to help customers save and invest, allowing them to secure their financial future.
  3. Locker Service: Secure storage facilities for valuable items and documents, ensuring their safety and protection.
  4. Sanchaypatra Service: Assistance with government savings certificates, helping customers invest in these financial instruments.
  5. NRB Accounts: Accounts and services tailored to the needs of Non-Resident Bangladeshis (NRBs), facilitating their banking requirements.
  6. Remittance Service: A reliable and efficient way to send and receive money, both domestically and internationally, offering convenience for individuals and businesses.

IFIC Bank Career Opportunities

IFIC Bank is a leading financial institution in Bangladesh, offering a wide range of career opportunities for individuals seeking employment in the banking industry.

To explore career opportunities at IFIC Bank, you can visit their official website or their dedicated careers page. The careers page provides information about job openings, application procedures, and requirements for different positions. You can also submit your resume or application through the online portal.

Specific job openings, requirements, and application processes may change over time, so it is advisable to regularly check the official IFIC Bank website or contact their HR department for the most up-to-date information on IFIC Bank career opportunities.

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