Jamuna Bank Auto Loan: Drive Away Your Dream Car Today

Jamuna Bank Auto Loan Customer Segment

  • Permanent/confirmed employees of governmental, semi-governmental, autonomous organizations, banks, insurance companies, public limited businesses, multinational corporations, non-governmental organizations, and private limited company employees who are acceptable to the bank and they have the support of a coworker of the same or better grade.
  • Teachers of Universities, Colleges & Schools (Affiliated).
  • Chartered accountants, doctors, engineers, and architects are examples of professionals.

Jamuna Bank Auto Loan Purpose

  • To purchase a new or refurbished personal vehicle, not older than five years.
  • The Vehicle should have a maximum 10(ten) seats.
  • The model year is within the maximum 5-year range.

Jamuna Bank Auto Loan Nationality & Age Limit

  • Bangladeshi by birth.
  • Minimum age 25 years / Maximum age 54 years
  • But the loan tenor shall not exceed 59 years of age.

Minimum Income

  • Net Income should be at least Tk. 40,000/- per month. The customer must have enough net cash flow to make timely payments on the loan (must be supported by evidence).

Loan Size

Minimum 5.00 Lac Maximum Tk. 40.00 Lac.

Maximum Term of Loan

  • 5 years.

Jamuna Bank Auto Loan to price

  • Regulated by Bangladesh Bank from time to time. At the moment, the loan-to-car value is 50:50 and shouldn’t go over Tk. 40 lacs.
  • Based on what the bank has occasionally decided.

Jamuna Bank Auto Loan Rate of Interest

  • Subject to change as per the Bank’s schedule.

Security/ Collateral

  • Registration of vehicle in favor of JBL
  • Personal guarantee of the applicant & and the applicant’s spouse.
  • Third-party Guarantor must have comparable creditworthiness to or greater than the principal applicant.
  • Post-dated checks cover the entirety of the loan amount along with interest, as well as checks with dates for the monthly installments.
  • Comprehensive 1st party insurance coverage of assets favoring the bank.

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